Monday, August 20, 2012

My Annual Doctor Day

As mentioned yesterday, I had Monday off from work to take part in some annual doctor’s visits. Every year about this time I take a day off to visit the eye doctor and the OB and squeeze in whomever else wants to poke and prod my body. It turned out to be a really nice day all around. This August weather has been exceptionally surprising, wouldn’t you agree?

My first appointment of the day was at the eye doctor and as I have been having problems with my contacts, I was anxious for this visit to roll around. As it turns out, my prescription hasn’t changed (for the fifth year I might add) which kind of surprised me because I’ve been having some issue with seeing the computer at work. I guess it truly was my contacts that were giving me fits. So, I was given two different kinds to try over the next two weeks and I will return on September 4 to let them know which kind I like the best and will then order a year’s supply. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem with my contacts was also a result of my allergy problems.

After the eye doctor I visited the chiropractor which was confusing to everyone there because I am usually the last appointment of the day, not one of the first. I finished up there a few minutes before 10 a.m. and decided to go out to Bridge Street to kill some time. I wanted to get some lunch from Blue Plate Café and I knew I couldn’t order lunch until 10:30.

I decided on Bridge Street because believe it or not after all that talk of being at the front door on opening day, I still haven’t been out to the new H&M. So, I figured I would venture out there for 30 minutes or so and I wanted to pick up a shirt for Troy and Ashlyn’s birthday to go with the jeans I already got them and figured H&M would be as good a place as any. I was right – I found each of them a shirt for $7 and of course a shirt for myself for $14. If you haven’t been to H&M, you should check it out. Their prices are great and the clothes are durable and stylish.

I left Bridge Street after making my purchase and headed to Blue Plate and ordered a veggie plate. Did you know they are now open until 8p.m.? I sure didn’t! Apparently they started their extended hours on July 23, which is good to know because I like their food but hardly ever make it there because they are closed on Sundays and had been closing at 2:00 during the week. I got my food to go and ate it when I got home and it was so good! It made me glad I stopped in.

I spent the next few hours watching TV and napping and then went for my annual OB visit. The nurse practitioner I see referred me to an endocrinologist in Nashville that my mother found for me. I’ve suspected for a while that I may have some issue with my thyroid because I can’t seem to lose any weight and I am tired all the time. So, I am anxious to see this doctor and see if he can’t get this all sorted out for me. I will certainly keep you all posted since I apparently love to blog about every detail of my life.

That was it for my doctor’s appointments for Monday anyway. I will visit the allergist on Thursday who, by the way, the OB nurse sees and she said they are a good group. She mentioned nothing of the gross hands that Tony told me about, which was good news. Monday afternoon I watched some cycling and am going to Ladies’ Night Out with my mom on Monday night. So, that was my enjoyable day off. It will be back to the swing of things tomorrow; but I’ll take a four-day work week over a five-day work week any time!

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Erika said...

Glad you got a referral for the endocrinologist.
I peeked in H&M one day, but have yet to do any real shopping there.