Monday, August 27, 2012

Mayoral Election, Ice Cream and Other Thoughts

After a busy weekend, Monday was exceptionally slow, boring, and uneventful. If it hadn't been for Jackie emailing me throughout the day I might have fallen asleep sitting up at my computer. Monday evening will be Ladies' Night Out for the gals from church and we are gathering at Myrtle's house, who you may recall said there was no hope for my dancing skills. She is cooking hamburgers which I am looking forward to as I am a lover of the hamburger.

So, instead of a tale today, I will just throw out some random bits of information. For some reason you all seem to like that. So, here we go...

My brother was paroled last week and should make his return to society in the next three-six weeks or something like that. We actually don't know when he will be released, just that he will be. If you are a praying person, I would ask that you remember him in your prayers and pray that he will do well this time around. He has a lot of potential, if only he would use it positively.

If you are reading this on Tuesday, and you most likely are, don't forget to go out and vote for the city elections today. I'm pretty sure Tommy Battle is going to win a second term and be victorious over my beloved Loretta; but, I'm okay with that. Mayor Battle has done a good job - if only he would bring back the leaf picking up service in the fall. Please Mayor Battle, I beg of you. It's so much easier than trying to bag one million leaves in October. I will still be casting my ballot for Loretta, but I think Mayor Battle is going to run away with it. Speaking of Mayor Battle, he made an appearance at Mayfair on Sunday morning. Apparently Gary Bradley asked him to come. Jackie and I saw him sneak out during service and she said he probably had six other services to go to - gotta squeeze in all the handshakes and baby kissing you can before election day. Then, when I was leaving after lunch, I saw him coming back in with his family for some free grub. I don't blame him, it was good. Anyway, polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so don't forget to get out and vote..for Loretta...just kidding - vote for whomever you want; just vote!

I've got a new favorite to tell you about today. Have you tried the Magnum Ice Cream Bars? Oh, sweet mercy they are good. They have these in Europe (I think they originated in Belgium) and have been in the States for at least a year or more. I remember when they first came to my local Publix they were always sold out. I guess the fever has worn off because they have them stocked on a regular basis these days. They have been on sale the past couple of weeks and so I bought a couple of boxes to try and have already eaten all of those and bought two more boxes. This is saying quite a lot considering I am not even a big fan of ice cream. It takes a special ice cream (I'm talking to you Ben and Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake) to make me eat ice cream and these bars are exceptionally wonderful. I have tried the double caramel and the Moccachino - delightful!

I watched X-Men First Class over the weekend and loved it. I bought the Blu-Ray after that mishap when I recorded it from HBO Latino. I thought it was really great and am now looking forward to the next installment which I believe is in 2014 - just around the corner.

I seriously need to write three book reviews for assignments and just cannot get motivated to do it. One of the three should have been done weeks ago, another is due before September 1 and the third needs to be done sooner rather than later. Hopefully I can complete at least one before the week is out. Fingers crossed.
I think this is all the random I can muster up for a Monday. Come back tomorrow for who knows what - maybe a book review; but probably not. 

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Erika said...

I heard a lot of ppl raving about those ice cream bars on I Heart Publix; I'll have to try them the next time they are on sale.
and yes...for some reason I love these random posts!