Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Restaurant Review: Sandwich Farm

Last Thursday, Jackie and I had plans to meet up for dinner. The kids were visiting grandparents and so we set aside some time to catch up. Jackie arrived at the house around 6:00 and we headed out. Our first stop was Greene Street Market; since they have a few booths set up with food I thought we might be able to find something for dinner there. We struck out as far as dinner was concerned, but we did purchase a couple of homemade popcicles that were quite delightful and I also bought some cucumbers as those are my favorite.

In the Go Magazine from the newspaper that same day was a review for a new sandwich shop that had recently opened close to my house and so we decided to give it a try. The name of the place is Sandwich Farm and it is located on Cleveland Avenue next to the Lone Goose Saloon and around the corner from the Lumberyard and Bicycles, Etc. The girl that reviewed Sandwich Farm for Go Magazine said she liked it so much she went back the next day for another sandwich and you know what, I think I could have done the same thing because I kept thinking about that sandwich on Friday and probably would have stopped there for lunch on Sunday had I not been invited out by my cousin.

Sandwich Farm is a very small location. There are only about 10 tables, if that, and if you are handicap-able and in a wheelchair, then you might have some issues maneuvering around - this is something I often observe since my mom is in a wheelchair. She would probably knock over a lot of people or chairs if she were to zip around in there. There was one table away from the others that would probably work out okay if she were to venture out for a sandwich.

The menu is posted behind the counter and rather than simply naming what is on the sandwich, there is actually a picture of each sandwich and how it is stacked. The Go Magazine piece featured a picture of the roast beef sandwich and I had thought about getting it, but Jackie decided to order it and I figured I had better try something else so we could compare notes. So, I got the Turkey sandwich that came with avocado, Havarti cheese, garlic mayo, lettuce, (maybe tomato) all on a baguette. The bread, I must say was amazing. I'm a sucker for a good baguette. The sandwiches come with a choice of a side item - potato salad, coleslaw, chickpeas, and probably another choice or three that I cannot recall. I first ordered the coleslaw and then saw an older gentlemen with potato salad as his side item and it looked really good. So, I asked him how it was and he gave it the thumbs up and so I went and changed my side item to potato salad. I'm glad I did because it was indeed quite good and I am exceptionally picky when it comes to potato salad.

Jackie said the roast beef sandwich was really good - it came with a horseradish mayo (red onions and sharp cheddar which Jackie left off) and maybe lettuce and tomato. I'm doing a terrible job remembering what all was on these sandwiches. The turkey sandwich was also quite good. They also have a meatloaf sandwich and I almost ordered it per the advise of one of the employees. Perhaps I will get that next time. Also on the menu is a vegetarian sandwich, and I'm sure there is a ham sandwich of some sort because everyone has a ham sandwich. They also have a duck confit  sandwich and I will pass on trying that as I'm not a big fan of duck. If you want to skip the bread (why?) you can have any of the sandwiches served over a bed of greens with the homemade vinaigrette dressing. They have one dessert sandwich which consists of blueberries and ice cream between snicker-doodles. That sounds really good to me and if we had not been so full we might have split one. It might even be worth a trip just to give it a try. The sandwiches are around $8 each and the dessert sandwich was around $4 or $5 if I remember correctly.

I realize there are a lot of sandwich places around these parts and everyone has their favorite spot; but, if you are looking to try a new place that serves a sandwich with fresh cut meats, veggies and freshly made sauces, then you should give Sandwich Farm a try. I think you will like it.


Erika said...

I've heard good things about this place; I'll have to try it soon.
Wish I had one right now as I did not have dinner last night and haven't had breakfast either!

Jackie said...

Loved it! I think I will go there for lunch today.