Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Decisions were Made, Cheesecake was Bought

Let me begin by saying thanks to everyone for your comments yesterday. My decision, like I said, was 90% to quit and 10% to stay, but after reading your comments and emailing back and forth with some of you, and mulling it over some more, I decided to just call it quits. My heart isn't in it this year, I hate what the newspaper has done to the employees and the direction it is going, and quite honestly, I have already bought season tickets to MA this year and re-joined the TD Club so the decision was pretty easy to make. It was just time. I hate to leave my "boss" in a pinch, but he seemed to be okay with it, as he is also done with the paper five weeks from now. I feel very relieved to have made the decision and am ready to just be a fan again. It’s a real shame what has become of the newspaper business.

So, Huntsville's mayoral election was yesterday and the big winner was Tommy Battle, which was really not all the surprising to me. I was, however, surprised by the margin. I figured he would win by a few thousand votes; but, instead he won by like 18,000 votes. Um, I’d say the people have spoken. Like I said earlier in the week, I think he has done a good job and I am not upset at all that my gal Loretta lost. I do, however, wish he would bring back that awesome leaf picking up service. Perhaps I will message him on Twitter about that.

Tuesday morning I tried a different method with The Tide's medicine which seemed to work just fine and I will probably keep it up. Instead of injecting the medicine into her mouth, I squirted it into a bowl and she licked the bowl clean. I guess the medicine must taste pretty good, but then again this is a dog that has been known to eat a dirty sock.

So, I’m watching the RNC and I’ve got to say I thought Ann Romney was a little shaky at first but finished really strong. Also, they showed Condoleezza Rice in the crowd a few times and I just love her. Did you know she modeled some NFL fan apparel for women recently? I love that about her. And, she was just admitted as a member of Augusta National. She gets cooler by the day. I wonder if she would come over for dinner if I sent her and invitation. (Yeah, I doubt it too.)

Did you know Gigi’s is selling cheesecakes in the shape of a cupcake now? Yesterday, I received an email they sent out promoting these and then I couldn’t get cheesecake out of my head so, of course I stopped by and got one. It was okay; not great. I’m a lover of cheesecake and as far as cheesecake goes, this one did not hit the spot. I think I will stick with the cupcakes from Gigi’s from now on.

I think this is all the rambling I have for today. I hope everyone has a great day!


Jackie said...

I was also surprised by the margin between Battle and Spencer but not surprised he won. I also agree about Ann Romney and was super excited to see Condoleeza Rice in the audience....I too am a huge fan of hers so if she does accept a dinner invitation please feel free to invite me as well:)I thought Chris Christie did a great job....he's one of those guys that looks like he would give a great bear hug...I know I'm weird!

Erika said...

I'm kind of relieved to know that the cheesecake wasn't too good - now I won't be tempted!

Jackie - I think you are right about Chris Christie :)

Erika said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that I think you made the right decision about the paper.