Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Remain In a Sinus Haze

Well, I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes trying to determine what to write; usually when that happens I end up writing a lot of words about nothing in particular. I suppose that will be the case again this time because, if anything, I love to ramble on about nothing.

So last Thursday as I was driving home, Blue started overheating. I was sitting a traffic light when all of a sudden the air conditioning wasn’t blowing cold air any more. It was then that I noticed the engine was overheating. Friday morning it did the same and when I arrived to work I remembered there was some coolant in the trunk, so I emptied the bottle into the reservoir and that afternoon there was no overheating.

Saturday morning I took Blue to get aligned and ask the folks at Goodyear to check the fluids and they also checked for leaks. There were no leaks and so far everything has gone okay since the coolant was filled up. For this, I am very thankful because I certainly wasn’t looking forward to another car expense.

I had originally planned to walk down to the YMCA and get a workout in while the folks at Goodyear were working on the car. However, since I couldn’t stop coughing for more than 30 seconds at a time, I figured it best to not work out and instead sat at Goodyear while Blue was getting aligned. I brought plenty of things to keep me occupied like clipping coupons, reading magazine articles and playing games on my phone. The service took about an hour but the time went by really quickly.

After my morning at Goodyear, I came back home to do a bit of cleaning and laundry and later that afternoon went out for my weekly grocery trip. I also made a stop by Target to pick up a copy of The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray. Saturday afternoon I finished up the chores and well, watched The Hunger Games – that had been my plan all week. I’m surprised I didn’t watch it twice.

Sunday was spent at church, and of course napping. When I got home from church Sunday morning there was a note on my door from my neighbor saying that the a transformer had blown and the power had been out since 11 am. Thankfully the morning temps had not been too hot and so the house was still cool. The power came back on while I was napping and has thankfully stayed on since.

Erika and Kendra came over Sunday night to watch some PW cooking shows and they were both kind enough to bring dinner. Erika made a delicious chicken tetrazzini and a salad and Kendra brought some scrumptious brownies. I was glad they were able to come over and exceptionally thankful that they brought dinner as I am still not feeling up to par and haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately. This particular round of illness has really knocked me on my backside.

I’ve got the day off from work on Monday; not for anything fun mind you. I have a couple of annual doctor’s appointments which are a couple of hours apart and what’s the point of only going in for three hours or so when you can use a sick day?

I hope all of you had a nice weekend as well! Can you believe it’s less than two weeks until football season and Labor Day? This summer (and year) have flown by! Have a great Monday!

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Erika said...

I really hope they can pinpoint what's causing all your sinus issues.

Thanks for providing my TV entertainment last evening :)