Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Wonder, is His Partner Harold?

Well, hello there. I'm posting late today because to be quite honest, I did not feel like writing yesterday. I ended up only working half a day because I felt so dreadful and thought that perhaps my head might explode. So, I spent the second half of the day in bed, sleeping and then slept all through the night as well - a sure sign that rest was indeed needed.

I left work at 11:00 and went home and ate some lunch before I went to sleep for the afternoon. I received a call from the Quick Care Clinic that they had set up an appointment with the allergist for next Thursday, August 23. The appointment is with Dr. Kumar and all I can think of is Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Hopefully this Dr. Kumar will be a little more mature than the Kumar from the movie. Tony sent me a message via Twitter saying that he thought he had seen this very same Dr. Kumar a few years back when he was having a lot of allergen issues and he provided me the comforting thought that the only thing he can remember was that Dr. Kumar had gross scaly hands. As you can imagine, I am really looking forward to shaking this doctor's hand. Let's hope that Tony has Dr. Kumar confused with someone else. Either way, I'll be sure and let you all know how it goes next week. If scaly hands is what it takes to get me feeling better, then so be it.

So, after sleeping the afternoon away, I finally managed to pull myself up by the bootstraps long enough to dress and head over to my cousin Brittany's house for a couple of hours for the birthday party of her little girl, Sydney. Syd turned four yesterday - hard to believe - and we celebrated with "Sketti", Salad, and Birthday Cake! Syd got a lot of great presents including a Baby Alive and a new bicycle! I got her a new pair of jeans and a pink top which I, of course, think will look super cute on her. I took a few photos but haven't uploaded any of them yet. If I get motivated later on, I will try to put one up on this post tonight when I get home. The party was Hello Kitty themed and Syd was dressed in a Hello Kitty shirt and shoes and hair barrette. Hello Kitty was popular when I was a kid. Who would have thought it would have been popular 100 years later too?

I made it back home around 7:30 and finished up a letter to my brother, made myself a much needed hot toddy and then at 9:00 watched the season premiere of Grimm. I think I mentioned a while back about how I had watched all the first season on the NBC Web Site and really liked the show. Well, last night's season premiere was absolutely thrilling and if it's any indication as to how the season will go, then we viewers are in for a treat!

I suppose this is all the news (or lack thereof) that I have for you today. In a completely unrelated matter, I observed something last week that gave me quite a chuckle and I don't think I could write a whole post about it so I will just throw it in here at the end and maybe you will get a chuckle too. Our church pays a couple of off duty sheriff's deputies to direct traffic coming in and out of the church parking lot on Wednesdays and Sundays. It is quite a blessing to have them because otherwise it would be very difficult to cross lanes of traffic on a busy highway when leaving church. Anyway, last Wednesday as I was pulling in to the church parking lot, I noticed a car coming from the opposite direction and instead of driving on down the road, the car stopped where the deputies were. I thought maybe the guy needed to ask for directions but as it turned out, he was delivering a pizza to them. Yes, people, the sheriff's deputies had a pizza delivered to where they were directing traffic. It was perhaps the laziest and funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Have a good Tuesday!


Erika said...

Maybe the scaly hands are because he washed them so many times a day????
Remember that Hello Kitty store in Parkway City mall??? I LOVED that store! And at 35 I still like all that junk :)

Jackie said...

Haha that's hilarious! I can see them eating a slice and directing traffic at the same time.