Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Musings

As you may recall, last fall I was laid off, but then re-hired at the same company, just in a different division. It's been almost one year since I started in this position and finally a few weeks ago the administrative assistant for our group ordered name plates for our cubicles and each end of the row we sit on. I was looking forward to finally having my name listed so that people could find me. Not to mention that having a name plate makes you feel a little more permanent than not having one. The name plates came in today and mine said "Natasha Moore." I mean, really? First I'm called Nadine by a customer, which I can excuse because I didn't really deal with them all that often; but I have worked with these people for almost one whole year and they order a name plate with the wrong last name! Maybe they know something I don't. Does anyone recall me getting married recently? Did I miss the whole thing? Our admin is ordering me a new set of name plates, thank goodness.

There is a lady that I work with who is, well, a wee bit more than overweight. Yesterday she said the funniest thing and I told her I was going to steal her line. She said she had a survival metabolism. Y'all this cracked me up so much. I love it!

Wednesday was my Grandmamma’s birthday. She turned 80. We went to Red Lobster this for her birthday dinner. This coming Saturday we are having a little party for her and my mom’s dad who turned 77 this past Monday.

My Grandmamma on her 80th birthday

Thursday (which is probably today for most of you) is my appointment with the allergist. The appointment is in the afternoon and is supposed to last about two hours – should be interesting.

Apparently it is the season for break-ups. There was a lesbian couple behind my house and one of those two (it seems) moved out over the weekend. She had a U-Haul packed up and hitched to the back of her Jeep and I have not seen the Jeep since. Across the street was a young couple who moved in last winter. I didn’t have many dealings with them but would see him in the morning when he was walking their dog. Jeff and I noticed he had not been around for a while and then on Saturday he showed up in his truck and loaded it up with his things and hasn’t returned since.

Football season starts in one week!

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Erika said...

I cannot believe they got your name wrong!!!