Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Dilemma

Actually, I'm not sure it's much of a dilemma as I am pretty sure I already know my decision but I guess I need to talk it out (or type it out as the case may be) in order to make the decision. Perhaps you can weigh in with a comment to help aid in the decision.

I wrote a few months ago about the changes at the newspaper and made the bold statement that I wouldn't be returning even if they asked me back. Well, as you may be aware, football season has arrived, and I have been asked to work and have, in fact, been given an assignment for this week. I was originally given an assignment for last week's jamboree at Madison Academy but because of the ridiculously early deadline of 10 p.m., all the jamboree coverage was cancelled because no one can make that deadline when the games don't end until close to 10 this time of year due to the heat time outs which are required each quarter. I was actually kind of in shock when I got the assignment from my boss because I just assumed that none of us would be returning this season.

Tuesday morning when I woke up and checked my email, in my inbox was an assignment for this Friday night - Locust Fork at New Hope. To sum it up: ugh! I hate covering game at New Hope. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before. Their press box is extremely small and the men that work in that press box aren't always the most welcoming and I have to elbow my way in to create a spot for myself. The time they were the nicest to me was when my brother came along to help me out. Not only do I dread the press box situation, but I also dread the game as New Hope isn't the most talented team in Madison County and I'm sure to wish I was somewhere else other than the New Hope press box the entire game. To top it off, we have another early deadline this week. I think they were gracious enough to extend it to 10:30 - how nice. I know that New Hope isn't blessed to have wireless internet which means I will have to rush to write a story then rush to find a spot that has an internet connection all before 10:30. Did I mention I only get paid $40 for all this fun?

I would really like to just throw in the towel this year and not work. I'm really disgusted with the fact that the newspaper has fired so many good people who won't have a job after September 30. After finding out I had an assignment last week (the one that was cancelled) I decided I would work through September and then call it quits because that's when my "boss" will be walked out the door; but, now I'm not even sure I want to do that. I'm already going to miss two Friday nights because of prior engagements which leave only two Fridays to work in September and one in August for a total of $120. When you figure in gas to drive to the locations, the money I will most assuredly spend at the concession stand, and the general frustration of it all, I wonder is it worth it?

Then I think about all the unexpected expenses that have come my way recently. The Tide needs medicine for her arthritic hips and the best bargain is a bottle that will last about three months - it's $185. Then there are all the $40 co-pays I've had recently because I seem to have need for a doctor every week and I still have to buy contacts when I return to the eye doctor next week, I am probably going to soon receive an outrageous bill for some lab work that my insurance didn't cover and I have another appointment in Nashville next month (gas, $40 co-pay and lunch) and Lord only knows what might next happen with my car. Not to mention the fact that I am supposed to be saving for a possible trip to Israel in December which I haven't mentioned on here before. It just seems like all the financial cards are stacked against me right now. I'm sure this sounds like I'm whining and maybe I am a little. I am grateful I can pay for all of these things, but bummed that when I do pay for these things it takes away from my savings plan.

So, what would you do in this situation? I'm 90% leaning towards saying so long to the newspaper, but the part of me that loves writing is still pulling for the 10%.

Note: If you are one of the folks who stops by during the day, then there are probably two new posts for you to read. I'm posting this one early because I want to hear what you all have to say.


Erika said...

Hmm...tough call. But, it sounds like you are not really excited about the work, so I think my gut tells me to tell you to perhaps tell the paper goodbye :)
If you like to write, maybe there are other opportunities to make some $$ on the side that you could do from home.
And, if money gets too tight, you could get a part-time weekend job. (I have seriously considered applying at Publix for weekend work...).
I know what you mean about expenses, as I am feeling that way myself the last few months. Living if just expensive these days.
If they paid you $100 a game, I think I would say do it. But not for $40. That's my 2 cents worth :)

Mary McLaughlin said...

Well, I am extremely biased about your dilemma but I think you should quit. I won't go into the details and my reasons, but I know you understand.

The best way to judge if your efforts are worth it would be to take the total amount of time involved (including drive time, etc) and divide it into $40.

Personally, I say, tell the paper goodbye and good luck.

Jackie said...

I wouldn't do it anymore. It's not worth your time to continue. If you do need wireless though after the New Hope game you can come by my house. I also have a fancy new computer you can use:)