Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shelley's Shower

This past Saturday, as previously mentioned, I went to a baby shower for my sweet friend Shelley. Can I just say that Shelley and her sister Kimberly are always at the height of fashion. They always look so adorable with their flashy heels and stylish clothing and just because Shelley has a baby bump doesn't mean she's tossed her fashion choices to the side. That girl was wearing some shiny red heals and a zebra print shirt that showed of her bump. The shower was at 10 a.m., a brunch, and to answer Kimberly's question, I loved the early start time because I am not a fan of having to go to a shower in the middle of the afternoon. So, 10 a.m. was perfect for me - please remember this when it snows in July and you all are preparing a wedding shower for me.

My friend Sara is a fabulous sewer and maker of hand-crafted goods. She has an Etsy shop you should check out. Last year I bought one of her baby blankets for a friend and his wife who were expecting and decided I wanted to get one for Shelley as well. So, on Thursday before the shower on Saturday, I called Sara and asked her if she had a particular one (yes she did) and that I would like to buy it. Friday afternoon, Sara brought the blanket by my house and we naturally started talking about Shelley's shower. Sara had no idea what she was going to get Shelley because she had just sold me the gift she was thinking about giving. So, while two of Sara's three boys had spend the night company, she sewed and sewed and sewed and made baby Easton a soft baby book which turned out super cute.

Sara showed up at the brunch about 10:30 because she thought it started at 11:00 and at 9:00 that morning when she finished up her gift, she looked at the invitation, jumped in the shower, got ready, stopped by the dollar store to get a gift bag and still made it to the party by 10:30 - she is awesome, y'all! We had a great time telling everyone the story of how I stole (bought) Sara's gift to Shelley - but now Shelley has two lovely homemade gifts by Sara. To top things off, while Sara and I were talking, I became animated and was using my hands and hit the glass of fruit tea she was holding and it spilled all over her - not one drop on me. What can I say? I've never claimed to be graceful.

Kimberly and the other girls did a great job with the little details such as shaping the napkins as bow ties and taping them to the forks and spoons - so cute! The cake was super cute as well. It was brown and green (which sounds gross, but I swear it was adorable) and had a bow on the front. Shelley didn't want to cut it until she got a photo taken with her mother-in-law beside the cake. So, when the time finally came to cut the cake, I was first in line - I love me some cake, y'all! It was done in fondant and and I guess the person who decorated it used straight pins to hold some of the fondant on the cake because I was served the first piece along with a straight pin. Thankfully I found it and pointed it out to Kimberly. Hopefully no one else got a pin in their slice. I know I mentioned the sausage rolls before, but they are worth mentioning again because they were so good. They were like some my mom used to make when I was a kid only these were made with crescent rolls and I'm pretty sure we didn't have canned crescent rolls in the 80s. Mother probably made hers with biscuits. I am attempting to make some of these this week when I have some girlfriends over on Thursday night. I hope they turn out as good as the ones at the shower.

They also set up a yogurt bar which I thought was a really great idea. I didn't eat any of this since I am supposedly still on a dairy ban. I say supposedly because I've pretty much given up over the course of the past few days. After two months dairy free and zero weight loss I figure what's the point, bring on the cheese! Anyway, they had plain yogurt and then a bounty of milk and white chocolate chips and assorted fruits and maybe even some nuts. It was a great idea. I will say, however, that it may have worked better if it had been set up at a different table because it held up the line on occasion. There was also French toast which was very good. The brunch idea was excellent in my opinion, but I love brunch, it seems so sophisticated.

Shelley got a lot of really great gifts and I'm sure she was thrilled with the loot she got to take home. I should have taken some photos but I didn't because I'm a slacker. At least I admit it! Maybe Kimberly will one day post some photos on her blog before baby Easton arrives. Of course, I'm sure if you are friends with these girls on the dreaded facebook then they probably posted some photos there. It was a fun morning and I had a nice time catching up with some of my favorite gals. I can't wait to see how spoiled baby Easton is going to be!

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Kimberly Washer said...

I LOVE that you just did a whole post on this!! HAHA!!! Made my day!! Yes, I completely agree that we should have spread the yogurt bar out to another table! I'm so glad you enjoyed and I loved hearing you and Sara's favorite! Thanks for coming and for Easton's gift I know he is going to LOVE IT!! OH and Yes he will be amazingly spoiled and I can't wait either!!