Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tales from the Weekend

Well, we’ve reached the time of year when my schedule seems to pick up along with everyone else’s and I don’t even have any children. I guess by the time school starts back there are just more things on the calendar for everyone, which suits me just fine as it hasn’t been a very busy summer.

On Friday night my cousin Brittany and her daughter Sydney came over to pass the time while we waited on my dad and granddad to come pick us up for the Madison Academy football jamboree. As it turns out, my granddad didn’t go (which wasn’t much of a surprise) and Brittany ended up driving so she wouldn’t have to move Syd’s car seat. The game wasn’t very good as MA trounced Columbia, but I still had a good time visiting with everyone and of course partaking of some concession stand food. I think you all know my avid love of concession stand food.

Syd striking a pose!

Saturday morning I had a haircut appointment for 8:30 and ended up taking The Tide with me. I think I mentioned that her legs have been bothering her some lately and I have suspected for a while that she has arthritis in hips. The past week or so she has really had a difficult time getting on and off the bed or the chair that she likes to sit in and Thursday and Friday she would attempt to get down from the bed or her chair and then would just sit there with a look of extreme sadness. So, I knew it was time to do something about that.

She stayed in the car with the windows down and a bowl of water while I got my haircut and then I took her to the vet where they worked her in. I thought we might be there for hours on end, but it actually ended up being a total of about 30 minutes, which was great. We saw the newest doctor at our vet’s office who we had never seen before. He did an orthopedic exam and The Tide yelped out in pain a few times. It wasn’t too pleasant for this dog mamma either. He determined that she did in fact have some arthritis in her hips and he prescribed some medicine for her. The medicine is injected into her mouth rather than a pill. He demonstrated how it was to be done, I paid the large bill and left thinking it was certainly going to be interesting each morning when I try to make The Tide take this medicine.

Saturday afternoon we had a joint birthday party for my dad’s mom who turned 80 on August 22 and my mom’s dad who turned 77 on August 20. Some of my granddad’s in-laws came in from out of town and then there were a plethora of Parkers there for my grandmother and some friends to boot. We enjoyed a good spread of food and fellowship.

Sunday morning I got up early to put together my grocery list and complete some chores and of course I had the pleasure of attempting to give The Tide her medicine. I finally managed to get it all in her belly. Some of it she had to lick out of my hand. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I went to church and sat with Jackie and her family and afterwards we had dinner on the grounds which was quite yummy. I made my weekly stop at Publix before heading home for my nap.

Me and Troy at lunch on Sunday

My friend Kendra text me right as I laid down to take a nap and wanted to know if I was free at 3:00. She had asked me on Friday about going out to the mall to be a part of that pilot they were shooting for the Food Network. Tyler Florence was going to be there and she wanted someone to go with her. Being the big loser I am, I backed out on her. I had kind of forgotten about it and I really didn’t feel like going. I was so tired and really wanted a nap. (I have been super tired lately for some reason). She said she wouldn’t hate me if I didn’t go, for which I was thankful.

Sunday night I went to church and then came home to eat a variety of leftovers from the weekend and do some laundry, etc. Kendra sent me a photo of herself from her afternoon outing and y’all, she got to meet Tyler Florence! How awesome is that? Guess I should have gone with her after all. Maybe we could have talked him into giving us our own cooking show; serves me right for being a big ole loser and wanting to sleep my life away. Next time I back out on someone, please remind me of this.

Kendra and Tyler Florence!

The Tide, by the way, seems to be feeling much better. She's getting up and down from the chair, bed, etc. and back to jumping up and down when she’s about to get a treat. I’ve got to change her food to a joint formula as well, which won’t be for a while because I just bought a new bag of food – isn’t that how it always seems to go?


Erika said...

Poor Tide :( Glad her new medicine seems to be working!!!

Um...Kendra...what about your foodie friend Erika?!?!?! haha Might I say that y'all make a very cute couple! So exciting that you got to meet him!

Jackie said...

Love the pic of you and Troy. Tyler Florence is a hottie!!

Candy said...

Kendra told me she made your blog. You aren't the only ones who missed out...that's what being big and pregnant gets you! Missed out on Tyler Florence and Bill Cosby this week! I'll have to tell you about that tomorrow. Finally getting a chance to read some of your blog posts. They always make me laugh. Hope The Tide is feeling better, I know all about the arthritic hips. Not fun!