Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Parade 2012

Huntsville's annual Christmas parade was this past Saturday and for the first time in many years my whole family ventured out to take in the holiday fun. Last year, you may recall, my dad and I went; and this year my mom and brother came along as well.

I had a hair appointment for 10:30 that morning and the parade started at noon so I made arrangements to meet my family in town. I ended up waiting on them about 20 minutes thanks to my brother who was holding up progress, I assume so he could make himself some sandwiches. That guy eats more than anyone I have ever known.

When they finally arrived, I hopped in the van and eventually was able to direct Justin as to where he should park. We went to the same location where my dad and I had sat the year before, only across the street. Luckily there was a spot big enough for all four of us and our chairs. Soon after, my brother commenced in eating his lunch of two ham sandwiches and some chips that were two years old. Yes, two years old. They had been in a Alabama National Championship tin from the 2009 championship. He said they were good. My mother said they were terrible. I didn't try them, but am going with my mother's verdict.

Tthe parade reached us about 15-20 minutes after noon and it lasted probably two hours. One of the first groups to pass us by was the Alabama A&M band and they are my absolute favorite. Not only is the band good, but the drum majors are full of some crazy dance moves and it is quite entertaining. The bands were spread throughout the parade route and included Lee High, Grissom High, Huntsville High, JO Johnson High and also Covenant Christian School. All the bands did an excellent job.

As always there were lots of Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops and a few dance troops as well. There were a number of fire trucks from all over the country and I hoped they wouldn't be needed while they were parading around. There were also a lot of cars and I am not even kidding that once again this year we happened to be close to the "Rev It Up!" lady. Instead of being across the street from her this year, we were just a few people away from her on the same side. She didn't get quite as animated as she did last year but she certainly enjoyed it when the drivers revved it up and it gave me such a good laugh. It was worth going just to encounter her again.

After the parade I was dropped back off at my car and we all went our separate ways. Earlier when we had been planning to go, we joked about there not being a Britling's Cafeteria to go eat at after the parade. When I was a kid we used to pick up my great-grandmother and go to the parade and would always eat at Britling's Cafeteria afterwards.

It was a fun event and I'm glad we all went. I took a photo of my parents and my brother but the settings were wrong and let in too much light so they didn't turn out; but, I did take a few others and posted a couple below for your viewing pleasure.

Don't forget about the bell ringers' concert tonight at Trinity United Methodist at 7:00 p.m. it's free to the public and will be one of the most enjoyable and magical things you will do this holiday season!


Erika said...

Now I wish I had gone to the parade :( Oh well - I just didn't feel like fighting a crowd!
Glad the whole Parker was able to attend :)
I miss Britling's too - I loved their boiled potatoes. Which I'm pretty sure were straight out of the can with a few parsley flakes thrown in, but they were delicious.

Melissa said...

Sounds like it was a good parade. We missed ours this year...too much going on already! December just flies by too quickly.