Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Even More Christmas Activities

Saturday evening I went with my parents to see "A Christmas Carol" at the VBC Playhouse. The production was put on by Fantasy Playhouse and was just as good this year as in years' past. We arrived about 15-20 minutes before the show started and found our seats. My parents were sitting on the floor in the wheelchair section and I was two rows behind them.

A few minutes after sitting down, a couple came in and had the two seats to my left. Their two seats were in the curve of the playhouse seats where two sections met and therefore, there was a lot of space between the two seats. this couple was probably in their 50s and did not have wedding rings but appeared to be head over heels for each other. I gathered that they were probably in that lovey-dovey stage of their courtship. Long story short, I traded seats with the man so that these two could snuggle up beside each other. The woman thanked me over and over again and practically hugged me. I told her it was no big deal as my parents were sitting in front and I wasn't on that row with anyone.

I actually love those seats in the curve because you get a heck of a lot more leg room than you would otherwise have. Unfortunately I ended up sitting by a squirmy kid whose mother would not discipline. Seriously, the kid had her feet practically on the head of the person in front of her. She wallowed around in her seat and over onto my seat at times. She bounced up and down and moved the seat up and down and all the while the mother sat there either oblivious to what was going on or she just ignored it. At intermission, the girls' sister came over and the two of them crammed into the seat beside me to the point where the squirmy girl was practically in my lap. I asked her to please sit in her own seat thank you. I was hoping she would fall asleep during the second act, but she didn't.

It was the first time I had seen the play in about three years and there are many lines I think I could quote due to the fact that I've probably seen it close to 15 times. The songs for sure I know and I know what is coming up next; but, it is always a good show and quite enjoyable. This particular show was sold out and they asked if anyone had any extra tickets to please turn them in for a tax credit so they could be resold. I'm not sure that anyone had any extra tickets. The show on Sunday was also sold out. I think this is probably one of the most popular Christmas performances in Huntsville and always does really well. If you have never seen it before or it's been a while since you have, check it out next season.

Sunday night I joined some of the girls from my Sunday school class for a Christmas party of sorts. Some of us get together for a prayer group on Sunday nights and although I'm not really a regular, I have been and was invited to the party. We brought finger foods and played Bunko and just generally had a great time. I had never played Bunko before and had a great time playing. We each brought a Christmas ornament and the winners of each round got to trade with one of the losers if they wanted. I ended up with a poinsettia ornament that was really pretty.

We played three games - six rounds per game - and then gathered in the living room to see who won prizes. There was a prize for the most Big Bunkos the most Little Bunkos and the most wins and the least wins. I won the prize for the least wins and got a really pretty photo album. After the prizes were dished out, I gathered up my things and went home. Since the Survivor season finale was on, I wanted to make sure I had time to watch it before going to bed. The hostesses were twin sisters and as I was leaving they gave me a mug with a "n" on it that was filled with homemade biscotti, marshmallows and hot chocolate balls. Apparently you put the hot chocolate balls in a glass of warm milk. I'm looking forward to giving that a try once the weather cools off, or if the weather ever cools off. I'm assuming they got a mug of goodies for everyone because they are very sweet girls.

I made it home in time to watch Survivor and be shocked at the winner. Then I got a wild hair and purged my winter closet of some sweaters I haven't worn in years, some of which I know I've had since 2001. I finally made it to bed around 11:00 p.m. and even turned out all the lights and guess what - there were no rodent scares!

It was a really great weekend full of Christmas cheer!

P.S. My most loyal commenter, Erika, is on vacation this week and therefore does not have access to a computer. So, if someone could please leave a comment or two this week to let me know someone is reading, it would be most appreciated.


Barefoot Island said...

Glad you enjoyed A Christmas Carol. My 11 year old nephew was in the play and his mom spent many hours working on the set. I missed out this year due to schedules.
Your readers may not comment often, but we are still checking in.

Jackie said...

You had a jammed packed weekend but sounds like lots of fun!! The twins sound super sweet. Justin and I were commenting the other night how they move exactly the same and would make the same facial expressions at the same time. Cute girls! The play sounds fantastic maybe one of these years I will actually take the kids.

Alison said...

You are having lots of holiday fun, sounds like. We've been so sick that we've just done nothing. I'm determined to go see the trees downtown at some point. My plan is for the three of us to pick up Starbucks and head downtown. I don't think we'll walk around as Mark and I still resemble well-dressed zombies, but we'll do SOMETHING festive if it kills us. :)

Erika said...

haha - So glad everyone picked up on the commenting in my absence! It's been fun catching up on all your Christmas activities!