Friday, December 21, 2012

Letters to Santa: 2012 Edition

Dear Santa,

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! It seems just like yesterday that I was writing to let you know my Christmas list for 2011 and now here I am writing again. I hope you had a nice year and were able to get some rest after delivering all those presents last year. I'm sure you are as busy as ever getting ready for yet another trip around the globe. I've downloaded the NORAD Santa Tracker Ap to my phone so I will know where you are and make sure I am in bed in time for your arrival. After all, we all know you won't stop by a house until everyone is asleep.

First of all, Santa, I want to let you know that I've been good this year. I haven't gotten into any trouble (that I can recall) and I've done my best to be nice to people, be a good example and make new friends. Hopefully I have made you proud and am on the nice list!

Santa, I was wondering if you know anything about mice? You probably are not bothered with these pesky little rodents in the North Pole since it is so cold there; but, if you do know anything about how to get rid of them, I sure would appreciate the help. Actually, I'm not sure it is a mouse that plagues my home at night, but whatever it is, my number one Christmas wish is for this rodent to be gone...forever. I'm pretty sure The Tide would appreciate this gift as well. So, when you stop by on Christmas Eve, maybe you could scoop up all manner of rodent and take them away. That would really be swell, Santa!

Santa, to be honest, I can't even remember everything I had on my Christmas wish list; but I do remember a few things so I'll let you know about those. First and foremost I would like a new pair of pearl earrings. The ones I have now often come off of the stud and then I have to repair them with gorilla glue. So, I would like a sturdy pair that will maybe stay on the stud for more than a few months at a time. I would also like a rose gold watch. I haven't gotten a new watch since my 25th birthday, that's a whole decade ago and I think it's time for a new one. My old one needs a new battery so maybe you could replace it when you stop by on Christmas Eve. If not then I can take care of it when I'm home from work next week.

Speaking of things that need to be repaired, Santa, I have a pair of brown shoes that I love more than cheesecake and they are in serious need of repair. I know you have some cobblers working up there at the North Pole and maybe they could repair them for me. If not, maybe Ed's Shoe Repair can repair them for me, or maybe you could talk with the folks at Steve Madden and just tell them to make this particular style of shoe again. Oh, Santa, I sure love those brown shoes if you could bring a new pair of those by, I would probably faint from delight; but I'm pretty sure that's impossible since these shoes are over 10 years old and aren't in circulation any more.

Santa, I really like surprises so if you don't mind, leave a few of those as well. Since you've known me so long, I figure you can pick out some surprises that I will love. You usually can't go wrong with kitchen gadgets or pedicures.

Well, Santa, I suppose that will do it for me this year. I hope you and the reindeer have a safe flight around the world on Christmas Eve! As always I will leave some milk and cookies for you and hopefully The Tide (or the rodent for that matter) won't eat them before you arrive. Thanks for being so kind to me, Santa! Talk to you next year!



Dear Santa,

I have been really good this year and I hope you will remember me when you are making your rounds. I haven't really gotten into any trouble this year. I mean, I do eat the occasional sock and I still scratch holes in the occasional sheet, but other than that I would say I've been a top notch dog.

I'll be on the lookout for you on Christmas Eve and when you arrive I would appreciate it if you could help me capture the rodent that has tortured me for all these weeks. My mom, you see, is quite useless when it comes to rodent catching. She pretty much just stands on furniture and screams like she's in a horror film. I'm sure you probably know this Santa, but I had surgery last month and I really don't need to be running around chasing rodents all the time. I should really be staying off my leg and resting like other old dogs.

There's not really much I want or need, Santa. I have a pretty good mom and she takes good care of me and gets me whatever I need; but, you can always bring large boxes of treats because I do love a treat or 10 each day and I wouldn't want to run out. I'm also eating a new food now, Santa, that my mom says is expensive (whatever that means) and you are welcome to bring some bags of it. You can find it at my doctor's office, the Linderman Animal Hospital. I'm sure the nice folks there can tell you what kind it is. It's supposed to help an old dog with her bones and joints.

Santa, I'm going to leaves some carrots out for your reindeer so they will have a snack when they stop at our house. I'm sure they will still have a long way to fly after you leave our house and could probably use some food to give them a little more energy.

Santa, did you know I have a relative named Scout? Well, he is my grandparents' dog which I guess makes him my uncle. Anyway, Santa, he is still young and very rambunctious and crazy. I'm not sure if he knows about you or how to get in touch with you; so, if you don't mind Santa, please leave him some treats as well and maybe give him a stern talking to about where he should and shouldn't use the bathroom.
I think that's it for now Santa. Thanks for remembering all us animals as you trot around the globe. Please tell your reindeer hello and I promise not to bark when they arrive.


The Tide

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Erika said...

What nice letters to Santa! Hope you and The Tide got everything you were wishing for, and got rid of one thing, too :)