Thursday, December 13, 2012

Work Snack Day 2012

Today was our snack day at work and we had enough food to feed a small army and the food seemed to multiply throughout the day. I arrived around 6:45 so that I could update my morning reports and then help get the conference room set up. The girl who was bringing the tablecloths was running late and so arriving early didn't do me much good as I needed the tablecloths, plates, etc. to set up the room. She arrived a few minutes before 7:30 and I met her outside and helped her bring everything in. We got the room set up and then the food started arriving.

I brought sausage balls and a chicken ball to this work soiree of ours. Some of the other items that were brought included seven layer dip, homemade salsa, cheeseball, spinach dip, Boston butts, Chick-fil-A trays, cookies, cakes, the list could go on and on. There was seriously a lot of food. We ran out of plates before lunch time and had to get another stash from the cafeteria. HR supplied us with a tray of chicken fingers at lunch time and those were devoured so quickly I never even saw them - and I sit right beside the conference room where all the food was being kept.

Snack day is my favorite day of the work year. Everyone is in a good mood and jolly and having a good time. Most of the time we are all just trying to get through the day without killing each other. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but all our attitudes greatly improve on snack day.

After our first trip round the food table we were joking about how eating was going to put us in comatose state and we would all want a nap. That's when one of the guy's came up with the brilliant idea to take these two photos.

I'm not gonna lie, I could totally have used a nap once or twice throughout the day. I managed to stay awake and I also managed to not eat too terribly much. I wasn't stuffed to the gills and miserable as can easily be the case on days like this. It was a really fun day at work. It's nice to see folks loosen up a little and have a little fun.

Tonight we are headed to The Living Christmas Tree and I hope to have a Friday afternoon post up about that experience. I'm looking forward to it as it is usually a really nice show.

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Erika said...

Kudos to you for not eating too much - snack foods are my weakness...
Glad it was a fun day!