Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's 12/12/12 Y'all!

Can I just say I don't really see the big deal with today being 12/12/12 (you're probably reading this on 12/13/12). I mean, why all the fuss? I don't remember folks being this fired up for 11/11/11 or 10/10/10 or 09/09/09 - you get the picture. My cousin said on Twitter this morning that today is the only time that 12/12/12 will ever happen? Really? No, it isn't. It's happened 20 times before today and will happen again 100 years from now, etc. I had to give him a hard time about his comment. It's the only time it will happen in our lifetime, yes; but not the only time ever.

I guess 12/12/12 is supposed to bring good luck and also the end of the world but neither seemed to happen because if you are reading this on 12/13/12 then the world is still spinning on its axis and it certainly didn't bring me any good luck. In fact, I was behind schedule starting my day thanks to frost being on my windshield. The only thing I am looking forward to in regards to 12/12/12 is the benefit concert for the Superstorm Sandy victims because that, my friends, is going to be some good music and they will probably raise an enormous amount of money. Sadly, the victims will probably never see a penny of it, but at least the music will be good.

Moving on... Monday night Justin came over for dinner of homemade chicken pot pie and afterwards we went driving around looking at Christmas lights. We didn't have any particular route or plan; we just randomly drove around taking in the sights of downtown, Blossomwood and the medical district. As mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, we like to honk at the houses we like and after honking, we scream "We love Christmas lights!" We have never claimed to be normal. We took The Tide with us as well. Sadly, we only honked and screamed at one house - The Tide also barked after we screamed out "We love Christmas lights!" It was rather hilarious if I do say so myself. We were either driving in the wrong part of town or no one is really decorating like they used to when we were kids. I think it's just that not many people decorate these days. Hopefully we will come across a few more nicely decorated houses before the Christmas season is over. We also made a stop by Starbucks, because holiday activities are all the better with a Starbucks in hand.

After getting to bed late and restlessly sleeping on the couch Monday night, I was pretty tired on Tuesday. I managed to make it through the work day without falling asleep at my desk and then stopped by the chiropractor's office before heading home to eat chili dogs with my brother. We have really enjoyed my parents' being out of town as it has given us an opportunity to spend some time together. He could only stay about 45 minutes because he had to go by the AA meeting to pick up a key to the building where they meet. He will be leading the AA meeting on Thursday and again on Sunday I think. Anyway, it's his first time to lead the meeting and he is looking forward to it. He's doing really well and has just had someone ask him to be their sponsor, which is very cool. I think he will do a great job in that role.

When Justin left, I cleaned up the kitchen and settled in for some TV watching and about that time, The Tide started going a little bonkers around those kitchen cabinets again. Justin had put the floor vent back in place for me and told me there were a lot of dead lady bugs in the vent and that lady bugs make dogs go crazy. So, maybe it's just lady bugs in the house (because there are a ton of them right now), but probably not. The Tide barked and growled for a good 15 minutes or so and finally calmed down. Thankfully she stayed calm for the remainder of the night and not only did I go bed at 10:00 without having to worry about her chasing down rodents, but I also slept from about 7:30 until 9:00 and felt much more rested on Wednesday. Hopefully Wednesday night will be low key as well as far as rodent chasing goes.

Today we received a 10-12 pound turkey from work. This was the first time we had been given a turkey from our upper management and I was really surprised and pleased with this change of events. Usually we are given a holiday meal at lunch time, but I think the turkey is much better than the meal. My parents will be the lucky recipients of my turkey and I think my dad has arranged for the ole bird to be fried for Christmas. I've never had fried turkey and am anxious to try it.

Tomorrow (12/13/2012) is our snack day at work. It was originally scheduled for November 30 but because of some complainers it was moved to December 13. At any rate, I'm looking forward to all the good food we will have; plus, snack day puts everyone in a good mood and that makes for a fun day. I also need to get busy with some Christmas baking. I want to make some goody bags for my co-workers. This year I am going with molasses cookies and maybe caramel corn. I hope to get all of this completed over the weekend in between Christmas parties and a viewing of The Hobbit. Speaking of which, why do all the best movies come out at the end of the year? Isn't there enough to do without having to squeeze in 10 movies at the theater?

I suppose this is all the news (or lack thereof) for now. We are going to see The Living Christmas Tree at First Baptist on Thursday night and with any luck I will write about that experience when I get home; otherwise, it might be midday on Friday. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Melissa said...

Glad you and Justin had a fun time viewing the scarce holiday decorations. Our street has more houses than usual decorated. We decorate the inside but not the outside. I do enjoy other people's decorations though. I hope your rodent issue is resolved soon.

Erika said...

You've had a busy, fun last couple of days - minus the rodents!
Glad you and Justin are spending so much time together.
I wish it were snack day at my work, but, we did go to Miss Mary BoBo's for our Xmas outing yesterday, so I can't complain!