Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Busy Season Continues

Y'all, for whatever reason I just cannot seem to pull it together this week. I have been late to work every day - I usually come in at 7:00, but have gotten in around 7:15 the first three days of the week. Monday I was just dragging; Tuesday there was unexpected frost on my car with a defrosting system that basically doesn't work, and I have no idea what happened on Wednesday. I think I just couldn't decide on what top I wanted to wear. You'd think that during a week when I'm told I can wear jeans each day that picking out what to wear wouldn't be so difficult, but apparently it is.

Tuesday night I wanted to do some baking so that I could take some goodies in for my co-workers as my "Christmas gift" to them. Tuesday was the only night that I really had free since Monday I had Christmas with Jackie and the Gang and Wednesday is church. Thursday night I may go caroling and there are probably a lot of people taking off on Friday so Tuesday night was going to be the big baking night if it was the last thing I ever did.

On the way home from work, I made a detour by Erika's house because it was her birthday and I had a gift to drop off for her. She also got a copy of the Joy the Baker cookbook and I think she was pleased with her gift. Her mom and boyfriend were also there and Erika was opening all of her birthday presents so I stuck around to see what all she got, and she took in a good haul if I do say so myself. That boyfriend of hers does a good job of picking out gifts - kudos to him!

After breezing through Erika's like a tornado passing through town, I made it home a couple of minutes after 6:00 and got to work in the kitchen. I made about 100 molasses cookies and probably as many peanut butter balls. I was going to do buckeyes, but let's face it, trying to coat all but one side of that peanut butter concoction rolled into a ball is a bit difficult. So, I gave up and just coated the whole thing. I managed to squeeze in a little television as well; but, I was rather pooped by the time 10:00 rolled around.

The Tide had been sniffing around the house quite a bit throughout the evening and so I had a feeling we might have a problem with "the rodent" and therefore left the Christmas tree lights on. I was sound asleep around 12:30 when The Tide leapt up from the bed and started with that growling and barking and running about the house. At one point she sounded like she was chasing something so I'm pretty sure that little critter hasn't kicked the bucket yet. So, this party went on for about an hour or so and finally The Tide settled down. I got some sleep, but not a lot because she was up and down and I was afraid that little rodent might attack us when we least expected it. So, it probably goes without saying that I was pretty tired on Wednesday.

Thankfully while I stopped by Erika's she invited me over for dinner on Wednesday. She and Kendra are getting together to finish up season two of Downton Abbey and she invited me to eat with them at 5:00. So, I will swing by there and then head over to church and then, finally, back home. Jackie, once again, has saved the day by letting The Tide out so I won't have to make a stop by the house.

So, the busy season continues and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for a few days of rest.

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