Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review and a Giveaway - All of Me That You Can't See

I was recently given the opportunity to review a set of children’s books that are being released this Tuesday, October 1. These books are being released by the publisher Graham Blanchard and are aimed at teaching children about God and at the same time can be used as a tool for parents to start important questions with their children about faith.

There are four books being released and they are written by Callie Grant. Here is a look at Ms. Grant’s bio, “Callie’s work as a writer and editor has taken her from the Tennessee Valley to Silicon Valley, where she learned about starting new ventures. In the 1990s, Callie was part of the Scholastic, Inc. product development team in Palo Alto, where she developed a passion for educational publishing and children’s books, later authoring two titles. She and her husband Michael and their daughter live with the family pup in Austin.” 

The first thing that made me want to review these books was the fact that Ms. Grant is from right here in the Tennessee Valley, which is also the lovely place I call home. The four books are each unique and explore different topics of discussion. Below is a brief description of each book

 Jesus Shows Me is the first book in the “Knowing My God” series, which teaches young children about God’s love by explaining selected scripture through colorful photographs and supportive text. Each page of this board book illustrates a segment of John 15:9-14 with a photo of an animal parent caring for its young, which exemplifies how God loves people.  

Jesus Invites Me is the second book in the “Knowing My God” series, and explains Matthew 11:28-30, in which Jesus calls people to learn from him and to follow him. 

All of Me That You Can’t See is an illustrated rhyme that invites the child reader to become aware of his or her own spiritual self. 

Mud Puddle Hunting Day written follows a young girl’s splashy walk in the rain, as she discovers and celebrates some of life’s little joys. 

I received a copy of All of Me That You Can’t See which is a short and sweet book about a little boy who tells the reader about things they can see about him (brushing his teeth, playing baseball) and also explains about the parts of him that cannot be seen – his soul. He describes that we should aim to be like Jesus. It’s a really great book for kiddos and a great way to start a discussion on what a person’s soul is.

The books are available at online retailers such as Amazon. In addition to receiving a copy of All of Me That You Can’t See, the great folks at Graham Blanchard have provided a tote bag for me to giveaway to one reader. It would be great to carry books in or any other thing you need to tote around. If you are interested in winning the tote bag, just leave a note in the comments by Friday, October 4 at 10 p.m. Central time.

Thanks for reading!


Margaret Stabler said...

I have a grandson that would be great to read to him.

Erika said...

Those sound awesome! Would make a great baby shower gift.

Jackie said...

These looks so cute!

Kimberly Washer said...

Oh my goodness!! What a great time for me to re-enter blog world. Just in time for a give-away on your blog!! Count me in!! These look like awesome books and I love to grow my collection for baby Wren!