Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pippa at the Football Game

To say the last few days have been eventful is kind of putting it mildly; but the good news is that with all that has happened, I should have a few posts worth of material to write about.  
I'll begin with last Thursday night which I intended to write about sooner, but things haven't exactly worked out as I planned - what else is new in 2013? So, Thursday night was Madison Academy's first regular season game of the season and it was at home. Since my WOW class lasts until 7:00, and the game started at 7:00, I told my dad I would meet him at the game and for him not to be surprised if I had the dog with me. That's right, people, Pippa enjoyed an outing at Bill Washington stadium for her first every football game. 
I didn't want to leave her cooped up for hours on end only to come home, ready for bed, and have her act a fool because of energy that was not expended during the day. After work, I went home for a bit and played with her and changed clothes for the gym and then after class, I went back home and picked her up to sneak her into the game. Sneak, I guess, is a relative term because no one even said anything about me carrying her in. We sat in the stands until halftime where I took her over to the grassy knoll and let her run around with all the other children. All the kids wanted to come over and pet her and know her name and what kind of dog she was and at one point, she was on her back being petted in a circle of about 20 children. I was thrilled! I knew for sure this plan of mine was going to work. Pippa was going to get so tired from playing at the football game and I would finally, finally get a good night of rest.  
After halftime (and yes, I had to use a poop bag for those of you who are probably wondering), we went and sat back in the stands. Towards the end of the third quarter or beginning of the fourth, Pippa started to doze off while sitting in my lap and I kept trying to keep her awak so she would be tired when we got home. The game was very one-sided and MA won large so we headed home with about five minutes left in the game. 
Once at home, I took a quick shower and put on my PJs ready for a good night of sleep, but Pippa had another idea and my plan for a sleepy dog backfired on me. Instead of being tired from her night out at the stadium, Pippa was instead wound up and wide open and ready to play. I tried everything I could think of to get her to settle down and she wasn't having it. She played, and played, and played some more - for two straight hours - until finally I got out of bed like the Incredible Hulk and said in a husky and loud voice that we were not going to be playing any more because it was time for bed. Thankfully she must have sensed my sleepy and frustrated demeanor and she finally calmed down and went to sleep. 
Friday while Pippa got to stay home and sleep or do whatever it is she does during the day, I went to work in a zombie like state and had lots of people comment about how tired I looked - thanks co-workers, y'all rock! So, apparently taking Pippa out to a public event in the evening isn't the answer to getting her to go to sleep at 10:00 each night and I'll have to try something else for the long week days when I only have a few hours in the evening to play with her. Wish me luck and send me Starbucks gift cards, I'm afraid the caffeine will be the only thing that will keep me awake. 
 I wasn't fast enough to get all 20 children around her at once 
and she was too quick to not get a blurry photo.

 I think we've established my dad is not a good photographer.

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Erika said...

uh-oh...opposite sleep schedules is not a good thing :) She is so adorable, though!
You should tell your co-workers they are the reason you look tired ;)