Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best $100 I May Have Ever Spent

Well, this is the second time I've started this post since Pippa loves to step on the keyboard and the first post I started writing was subsequently deleted by a puppy. So, perhaps the second time will be the charm provided she doesn't pee on the computer, and the chances of that are high, people, really high.

To continue the story of the weekend, I went to church on Sunday and afterwards had lunch with my Aunt Linda and cousins Anna, Lauren, Jon Mark and Greer. We ate a Logan's, a place where I had not been ina  long time and it was a very good lunch - good food and good company.

After lunch, I went to my house to pick up a few things, namely my laundry (because there was a lot of it and it needed to be done) and the dog crate (in case we had to stay with my parents' through Tuesday when I would be returning to work). I checked the thermostat while at the house and it was a steamy 78 degrees inside and also so humid that even the floors seemed to be sweating.

I called the AC repairman again because I had not heard from him and he is usually very prompt to respond. As it turns out, he was out of town visiting his daughter and would not be back until Monday. So, I returned to my parents' house and took my obligatory Sunday afternoon nap and then went to church with my dad and brother that evening.

On Monday, my dad and I met up with my Aunt Al, her boyfriend Chris, my cousin Brittany and her husband Robert and little Sydney for a putt-putt tournament of sorts. Robert was a trooper and showed up even though he was in an arm sling from falling out of a tree a couple of days previously. Despite the arm sling, Robert won the match. Chris finished second and my dad was third. I was first place among the girls.

After the tournament, I had a message from the AC repairman and so I called him back and he had returned to town. So, after dropping my dad off, and mixing up a cake to put in the oven, I left to go to my house to meet the repairman.

It only took him about 15 minutes to diagnose and repair the unit. A capacitor had gone bad and he said it was a common problem. The total fee was $100 and it was money well spent. I'm happy to report that Pippa and I have returned to our home in Five Points and are once again cool. If only the floors were constantly free of pee...just saying.

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