Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Fall 2013!

I neglected to wish y'all a happy Fall! Autumn officially arrived this past Sunday afternoon and with it came some glorious weather in North Alabama. After a rainy Saturday morning, the afternoon and all day Sunday were just beautiful with clear sunny skies and a nice cool breeze. It was a a lovely welcome to my favorite time of the year.  

The weekend wasn't too hectic for me but was still somewhat busy. Since I don't sleep as well as I did pre-puppy, I like to catch up on my sleep on the weekends and therefore spend the majority of my day on the sofa while trying to get some housework done too. On Friday, my dad and I had planned on going to the Madison Academy game. We had not been the previous two weeks because MA was away and they beat the snot out of everyone they play; so, I was really looking forward to the evening with my dad at the ball field. That afternoon, though, he called and told me he probably wouldn't be able to go because my mother was not feeling well and long story short she ended up having to get an IV treatment at the hospital. So, I ended up going by myself and sat with my friend Aimee's parents since they had a spot available next to them. 

I actually debated going to the movies. I really want to see Prisoners which came out on Friday and thought I might go see it instead of the football game. My love for concession stand food won me over though because I was really looking forward to a burger from the MA concession stand and that ended up being the deciding factor between the movies and the game. The game was a blow-out by half time as MA was leading 35-0 and it also was starting to rain and so I just decided to head to the house mainly because I was bored. Aimee's parents also left at the half which left no one in my vicinity to talk to and so I just went on home and finished out the evening watching TV.   

Saturday morning Pippa and I woke up early and got to work on some laundry and such.I was raining profusely when I got up and Pippa wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of taking a natural break in the rain. So, I stood out there for a good 30 minutes under the umbrella while she got soaked and finally decided to do her business. I guess she realized we would be out there all day until she went. I then went to Gibson's for breakfast which I ate with the small group I was in at my old church. The lady who let's Pippa out during the day is also in this group and I wanted to treat her and her husband as a small thank-you for all their help. Despite the fact it was pouring down rain, the parking lot was packed and I had to park way out back, but it was worth it. The breakfast was so good, as was the company and I was really glad I went.   

After breakfast at Gibson's I went to Sam's, which honestly, I need to write a whole post about because it's kind of my new addiction and I try not to go very often. I wanted to get some chocolate milk (because it's $3 cheaper than at Publix) and I also wanted to get a dog bed for Pippa in hopes that she might wallow around in it some at night rather than all over me. I also ended up getting a new blanket to use in my large chair in the den so Pippa won't scratch the upholstery off and a bag of tortilla chips (living on the edge, people!). I also ended up with one impulse purchase which was a Kuerig Coffee Brewer. I have wanted one of these for a while but haven't wanted to spend the money. I've been watching prices, etc. and happened to notice that this one came with 36 K-Cups and three extra filters and was $20 off the already low Sam's Club price. So, I stood at the display for no less than 20 minutes while I debated and looked up prices online and finally decided to just go for it. I'm happy to report I've had no buyer's remorse so far.The rest of the day I watched football and cleaned and tried unsuccessfully to nap. I grilled some hot dogs for dinner and called it a night around 10 p.m. 

 Pippa and the new bed

 Coffee, anyone?
Sunday I went to church and afterwards had a delicious lunch with Jackie and her family at Outback. Then I picked up a few things at Publix and headed home where I was thankfully able to catch about an hour's worth of a nap before heading out again. I made a stop by Target before church because their sodas were on sale and also picked up some pumpkin walnut scones which are so very good, and if you haven't been by Target lately, they have some swanky new shopping carts which drive so smoothly. It's the little things in life!  
 After church I had again wanted to go see Prisoners, but good sense prevailed and I went home to mow the lawn which was in desperate need of a cutting. It took a sweet forever to get the lawnmower started and in fact I gave up at one point before going back for one more try. I don't know if the good Lord had mercy on me and my lawnmower or what, but it finally cranked up and I mowed faster than ever before so I would get done before the daylight ended. Thankfully I succeeded and grilled hot dogs again for dinner. I come from a hot dog loving family - I get it honest. 

So, it was really a good weekend, just not long enough, but they never are. The next few weekends are going to be busy with all sorts of activities and I'm really looking forward to those and to sharing about them with you. It's my favorite time of year. Happy Fall, y'all!

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Erika said...

Keurigs are very handy! And Pippa seems to have taken well to her new bed ;)