Monday, September 9, 2013

Get Your Dog Out Of My Peppers

Friday was the beginning of the fall Concerts on the Dock series at Lowe Mill and since MA was playing away (and my dad didn't want to drive that far for the game), I went with Jackie and the kids to see the show. Pippa came along as well, after all, it is a dog friendly environment.  
Jackie and the kids arrived around 6:00 or so to pick me up and we swung by Ted's BBQ to get some dinner before heading to Lowe Mill. We got parked, got unloaded and found a spot to set up. As we arrived, some of our friends from church were also arriving and so we all ended up sitting in the same vicinity. Jackie's Uncle Mickey and cousin Scott also ended up sitting with us, although Uncle Mickey left pretty early on as his back was bothering him.  
We had a fun evening, enjoying the company of our friends and it was also very pleasant out after the sun went down. The band that played was a local favorite, Microwave Dave and the Nukes. The concerts are free, but there is a $2 charge for parking and they encourage people to carpool as parking is limited and the free concerts continue to grow in popularity drawing in more and more people each week. 
In addition to the concert, Lowe Mill is also open during this time for people to peruse the hallways and some of the studios. Troy, Ashlyn and I checked out all three floors of the Mill and  walked into some of the studios that were open. My favorite was one of the studios on the first floor that was operating a 100 year old printing press. They were making sets of calendars for 2014 which looked super cool. I may have to go back and get one for myself. On the second floor, one of the studios that was closed really caught my eye. the lady had a lot of paintings of animals and such and I took a card outside the door because I'm curious to know if she paints from photos - I am under the impression she does - because I might want to have a painting of The Tide. The price is probably too high, but it is something I might be interested in looking into. The third floor is also where Fred Bread is sold - Fred Bread is made and sold in the Huntsville area. The loaves are $5 each and if I had taken some cash with me, I may have taken home a loaf.Happy Tummy, the restaurant inside Lowe Mill, is also open during the concerts and the line was long to get a sandwich, but their sandwiches are really good so it's worth the wait. 
Pippa also had a great time at the concert. She visited with our friends from church and went on walks with Jackie and Scott. At one point when my friend Amanda had Pippa, I'm assuming Amanda let Pippa have a little too much leash - I honestly wasn't paying too close attention. All I know is that all of a sudden, a lady behind be screamed in a high pitched voice, "There's a dog in my (expletive)!" and then she proceeded to make a fool of herself by continuing to scream and make a big deal out of Pippa coming over and (maybe) taking a bite of her food. The lady continued to scream (as if Pippa was the most terrifying creature in the world), "Get that dog out of my peppers, my food is ruined, and where's the owner" We think her friends were kind of embarrassed as they were shushing her. She was also drunk and it was rather obvious that she was high maintenance, and clearly not a dog lover. Perhaps she should have picked another place to spend her Friday night because there was probably one dog for every four humans there.
Not long after the pepper incident, we decided to leave. It was about 8:30 and even though the concert lasted until 9:00, we decided it might be best if we left before the drunk lady called animal control or who knows what. Despite the craziness at the end of the evening, we really did have a fun night and I look forward to going again some time soon. If you are interested in going here is the link and the schedule is listed below.

September 13: Vagabond Swing
September 20: The Bear and the Pyles
September 27: Rolling Jazz Revue and and Dawn Osbourne Band
October 4: Loves It
October 11: Amy McCarley and Friends
October 25: Tangles String Band and Liquid Caravan
November 1: Blu Lite Band

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Jackie said...

The crazy ladies boob also popped out & she made sure everyone around her knew it seeing as my 9 year old daughter heard her talking about it. You can take the girl outta the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park outta the girl.