Friday, September 27, 2013

Nuggets of Random Tidbits

We've reached another Friday in 2013, and can you believe it is the last one for September because I certainly can't! This year has zoomed by and much of it seems a blur.I don't have much of anything in particular to blog about today but wanted to try and post something and so what you now end up with is me rambling on about a whole lot of nothing.
This coming up weekend is sure to be fun. Jackie's kiddos have reached another birthday and we are celebrating tonight and tomorrow. Tonight Pippa and I will be joining Ashlyn and her friends for a slumber party and tomorrow I'll be putting my bowling skills to the test at Troy's soiree. It promises to be a lot of fun. I've also got plans for highlights and a much needed haircut and somewhere along the way I hope to get my DVR cleared out for another week of shows. 
Speaking of shows, the new TV season started this week and it's the moment I've been waiting for since last season ended in May. The summer TV shows were a complete bust this year in my opinion and I have been anxiously anticipating the arrival on the new regular season. Along with the return of some of my favorite shows (Parenthood and Chicago Fire to name two), there is also a slate of promising new shows out and this television season is shaping up to be one of the best ever, in my humble opinion anyway. So far I am intrigued and cannot wait for the next episodes of Hostages and The Blacklist, both of which come on at the same time on Monday nights. I've also really enjoyed Sleepy Hollow which, as luck would have it, is another Monday night show. I'm sure I'll have more to say about these and other TV shows before too long; but, for now, I still need to catch up on a lot of the show premiers that came on last week. 
Thursday night after working out for an our with the personal trainer in my WOW class, I got home and took Pippa for a walk for 30 minutes. I was hoping against hope that this walk of ours might relieve her of some of her energy. The evenings have been increasingly frustrating as all she wants to do is bark, bark, bark and bite. I've come up with various solutions, all of which last only a night. So, I took her for a walk and her behavior was a little better in that I was actually able to watch a little TV while she attempted to gnaw the skin off my bones. Lately I've gone to the extreme of putting an oven mitt on my hand which worked beautifully one night, but not so much the rest of the week. It's still working okay, but she's not as intrigued by it as she was on night one and now mostly just attacks it with vigor. Before I went to the gym, I stopped by PetSmart and signed her up for some training classes. I did not wand to dish out the money, but we both need some help and I'm hoping these training classes will be the solution, or at least get us on the way to a solution. I have no doubt, this will provide me with many new blog posts. 
In other random news, I've finally made an appointment to see a doctor about my foot. You may or may not recall that I had a bone spur removed from my left foot in December 2010. I was scheduled to have the spur in my right foot removed in October 2011 but my doctor had a heart attack and the surgery was never rescheduled. Since that time, I've heard a lot of people I know have had problems with this doctor and so I asked some co-workers which doctor they went too and they have all recommended a Dr. M. and I have scheduled and appointment for October 24 and am hoping he will be able to take care of my foot such that I will no longer be in pain. Sadly, if I require surgery, it will most likely be a few days before Christmas, thus putting me out of commission during the holidays. I'm sure I'll find a way to do some cooking though because I wouldn't want my people to starve. At any rate, I'll keep you posted on the saga of the foot.
Since October is right around the corner, I'm really itching to get my decorations out and, of course, buy some pumpkins. I'm not sure how the decorating and decorations will work out with Pippa around. There is just no telling how she will react or what she will eat. I'm not sure if I will have time to get it done this weekend, but if not, then I'll definitely drag it all out next weekend and get the house in the fall/Halloween spirit. If only we had some crisp/cool weather to go along with the decor. 
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Erika said...

I hope you are happy with your new foot doc - I will come help you cook if you need it :)

Amberly Blair Smith said...

I've been so excited about getting pumpkins too!! And mums!