Thursday, September 19, 2013

Photos From My Phone - September 2013 Edition

It's been a busy week and I've had zero time for composing or posting anything. So, I thought I would post some photos from my phone because I haven't done that in a while and at least it would be some new material for the week. I should have thought about it a couple of days ago though because I ordered a new phone and had it activated on Wednesday and have yet to figure out how to email myself more than one photo at a time. Nevertheless, I managed to pull these few photos off the phone for your viewing pleasure.

I go to the gym at the Downtown YMCA and this is the lovely view outside the gym door. I love Big Spring Park, but especially love this side of the park.

 This Alabama wreath was made by the mother of my friends Meri and Lindsey. It looks a lot cuter in person. Notice the little "Nick Saban hat" on the side. A nice touch if I do say so myself.

Please bear with me as I post numerous puppy photos. One day when Pippa, or The Pip as she is often called, will be a big dog and we can look back on these photos with fondness, or maybe not. Here she is from a week or two ago gnawing on a ball in the back yard. This dog has a lot of energy and I wish I could just have an ounce of it for myself. 

Another photo of Pippa - I like these profile pictures for some reason.

A rare moment of sleeping while I am at home. 

Watching College Game Day can be tough for a wee pup. 

This is how my den looks most of the time these days.

Another view of the extravagance of toys.

So, you may recall that back in June I attended a blogger meet and greet in Huntsville and was so very excited to run into my friend Lindsey at the event. Well, I'll have you to know, that Lindsey and I have hit the big time as our photo is in the Huntsville Event magazine -we've made it to the society pages, y'all! Thanks to my Aunt Linda for discovering this little nugget. 


Erika said...

Love the random pics...that's a really good picture of you!
I miss being was so nice to walk out our building and be in the park :(

Amberly Blair Smith said...

Well, you inspired me to write in my blog...go follow me!!! haha

Melissa said...

Cute pup. It looks like she is taking over the house :)

Margaret Stabler said...

up here is NE GA we can't get cute little Saban hats.(my husband had one before Nick did!) Can you get me one? I'll gladly pay for it and shipping,

Margaret Stabler said...

I lost the name of the store... can you send it again? thank you sorry..