Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let's Talk About The Bathroom

By no means do I consider myself the queen of etiquette, but I do try to play by the rules and for the most part I think I do rather well. Today, I would like to talk with you about bathroom etiquette, specifically, that of the public bathroom. I realize this isn’t the most appealing topic in the world, but I need something to write about and told my friend Meri I would be putting this up on the blog after she and I had a conversation about it at work one day. 

Occasionally when I stop in the bathroom at work, there is someone who more or less has her pants and/or panties on the floor of the bathroom. I do not understand this in the least. A couple of weeks ago, in fact, I walked in and one of these offenders had dropped her drawers all the way on the floor and it was hard not to notice as they were bright blue leopard print. I assure you, this is not anything I wanted to see and am still trying to erase the memory from my mind. What I do not understand is why these people need to drop their pants/panties all the way down to the floor. I mean, I have never felt it necessary to do this; so, why do they?

Another peeve Meri and I have regarding the bathroom is people who do not flush the toilet until everything has gone down the sewer. I mean, no one wants to see your left over tissue or other unmentionables when they walk into the stall. Please, I beg of you, check to make sure it’s all been flushed down before leaving the bathroom stall. It’s the right thing to do. 

 Talking on a cell phone is another thing that is annoying in the bathroom, and admittedly I have done this before, but it is rare and is when it does happen I’m typically heading home for the day. I also know Jackie has done this before (not to call her out or anything, but her work bathroom is rarely occupied).  What I find annoying are those people who sit in the bathroom for minutes upon minutes just talking away as if they were sitting on their couch at home and not in a stinky public restroom with flushing toilets. Most of these people talk really loud as well as I suppose they are trying to speak over the loud toilets and people doing their business. I have no interest in your family drama, so please leave it out of the bathroom.

What about the rest of you? How do you feel about bathroom etiquette? What are your pet peeves when you go in to do your business? Am I the only one feeling this way?


Margaret Stabler said...

you left the part about the women who pee on the seat and leave it. Nothing like sitting in cold pee. I can't squat due to my knees. I try to wipe the seat but occasionally miss some. YUCK.

Jackie said...

For the record I do not talk on the phone while mid stream unless the bathroom is completely empty:-) I will NEVER understand why someone drops their panties all the way to the floor that is disgusting. In fact if someone has let the toilet paper hang all the way down to the floor I tear off the last couple of squares throw them in the toilet before I go about my business. Another thing is the COURTESY FLUSH! For the love of all humanity if your are dropping a deuce multiple flushes are required especially if there is more than one stall involved. No one wants to smell your garbage. The end!

Erika said...

I'm with Jackie....particularly on the courtesy flush.
Luckily our office is small and we are all very courteous regarding bathroom issues :)

Alison said...

Jackie, that's so true! I try to teach the kids at the daycare where I work to just go ahead and flush, since they spend at LEAST ten minutes wiping after pooping. I appreciate the effort, however...

I do work at a school so it is not uncommon to go to the bathroom and find several unflushed toilets. Yuck, but these are potty-trainers - Kindergarten. They're still learning!