Tuesday, October 18, 2011

8th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

Saturday was the 8th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run and once again, Jackie, Jan, and I participated. For the second year in a row, we were on Team Christina, along with Ms. Kathy and Christa and a slew of other folks, most of whom I probably do not even know. Christina goes to church at Twickenham Church of Christ and has breast cancer. I met her last year at the spaghetti dinner; but from what I understand she is much worse this year and may not have much longer here on earth. She has a husband and five or more kids if I remember correctly; so, we were happy to be able to support her and her family at this difficult time in their lives.

This year the run maxed out at 5,500 runners. I’m not sure why that was the cut off, but this has by far become the biggest race in Huntsville each year. A lot people walk the race, which is what we did, because these feet of mine are not in running shape these days. Speaking of which (yes, this is a side note) my foot surgery which had been scheduled for this Wednesday has been postponed because my doctor had a heart attack. I have to call back in a couple of weeks to reschedule. OK, back to the story now…

I left my house at 8:30. The women’s race started at 9:00 and I knew it would be a nightmare trying to find a parking space. I was going to ride my bike, but then would have to carry my helmet or risk it getting stolen; so, I drove Blue down to the Huntsville Middle School area of town and eventually found a parking spot a couple of streets over.

I brought my phone and keys and Chap Stick with me – yes, all the essentials. I knew I wouldn’t be running at all so carrying these items wasn’t much of a burden for me. I sent Jackie a text telling her I would meet them in front of the HMS sign; but when it was about five minutes until time for the race to start, I went on up to the start line and sent Jackie a text telling her so. Another friend who wasn’t racing stood with me for a while and then saw Jackie and Jan when they came up and pointed them in my direction, Long story short, we found each other just before the race started.

We all walked the race and had a good time talking and enjoying the view. We even came across a pair of gay dads downtown that had the cutest bouncy seat I have ever seen – it was an old Chevrolet car. We also came across a lamppost in a front yard that had a lot of pink bras wrapped around it. Some folks had music playing for us and others were just cheering us all on. It was really a great atmosphere. Once we reached Adams, the final street of the race, I asked Jackie is she wanted to run and we took off. We got maybe half way down the street before I had to put a halt to all that fun. Not only was the ole foot bothering me, but also my knees. Folks, it sucks getting old, but as my dad says, it’s better than the alternative. Once I get my foot repaired and back to where I can walk, my plan is to start training for a half-marathon. Jackie said she would do it with me, even though I’ve also heard her say she will never do a half-marathon again. So, don’t hold us to it, it’s just our plan – for now. We may decide to sit back and eat a bunch of cupcakes instead.

We finished with our worst time ever, just a few seconds under an hour, which also is not entirely accurate considering we started at the end of the pack and didn’t even cross the start line when the timer started counting. So, you’re welcome to shave off a good five minutes or more off of that time. We don’t mind.

Regardless of what our actual time was, we did have a good time and it was for a good cause as well. After it was all over, we went to Blue Plate CafĂ© for a filling and delicious lunch (thanks, Jan!) and then went our separate ways. It was a really fun day and I look forward to doing it all over again next year – only with a better finish time (I’m talking to you, feet!).

Me, Jan, Ms. Kathy, Jackie and Christa

The start of the race

Lamppost with pink bras

Empty pizza boxes after the race

Bananas after the race


Erika said...

Maybe you and jackie could do the Couch to 5k? That sounds more fun than a 1/2 marathon!!!!
Glad you had a good time!
Loving the lamp post with the pink bras :)

Jackie said...

It was fun but next year I will be getting it done a lot quicker. I thought the pink bra light pole was super cute!

Anonymous said...

I had fun with my girls. What a wonderful time to spend with each other. I am always inspired by the passion of all the survivors and their families. I enjoyed our lunch together too.