Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Arthur and The Magic Sword

Sunday evening, my mom and I went to see the Fantasy Playhouse edition of Arthur and the Magic Sword. If you’ve ever seen The Sword in the Stone or know the story, then you obviously know what the play is about. It was a cute production and the actors did a really great job. Jackie took her kids the week before my mom and I went and they enjoyed it as well.

We got to the Playhouse a few minutes before it started and found our seats which were on the floor. There was a man sitting in the seat beside ours but when the show started, he scooted down a couple of seats. There was lots of sword fighting and the kid that played Kay did a great job because he was the penultimate little snot and I wanted to punch him in the face; but I refrained. I think of all the characters, Merlin was my favorite. Of course, I think I like Merlin in every rendition of a King Arthur story. Maybe deep down inside I want to be a sorcerer.

The first act was about an hour and 15 minutes and when the second act started, and Fantasy and Fantasy Jr. came out to talk to the audience, they asked a question and some kid from the audience yelled out his answer which got everyone laughing. One of my favorite things about going to Fantasy shows is listening to the kids’ reactions and various things that happen during the show. It’s usually good for a laugh or two.

After the show was over I took my mom back home and left her in the capable hands of my dad and brother. I wish something hilarious had happened because it usually does when mother and I go on an outing, but sadly, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary took place on this particular evening. Perhaps next time we will be up to our crazy old antics.

Fantasy has two more regular season shows and also their annual production of A Christmas Carol, which is always quite wonderful. Check out their upcoming shows on their website. All their shows are held at the Playhouse at the VBC, which is a great place to see a show. Check it out!


Candy said...

My sister and brother saw this last week with their homeschooling group and really liked it. I need to take JC and Silas to another play. We haven't been since The Wizard of Oz.

Jackie said...

The kids loved it and not surprising Merlin was Troy's favorite as well.

Erika said...

The Playhouse is always fun! I'll have to check out the schedule for A Christmas Carol.