Sunday, October 16, 2011

UNA vs. Delta State

Sorry for the lack of posts at the end of last week. It was a busy week for me, not only because of work, but because I had something going on every night as well. So, I’ll pick up where I left off and let you know the rest of the events from the week, starting with s trip to Florence last Thursday night.

My dad, brother and I went over to the UNA vs. Delta State game on Thursday. UNA usually has one home Thursday night game each season and for the past few years, I’ve tried to make it over there but for one reason or another it has never worked out. So, this year, finally, all the stars aligned and I was able to go. UNA is where my dad went to school and Florence is where my mom’s family is from so needless to say, Florence holds a special place in all of our hearts.

We left Huntsville about 3:30 and headed west. After a stop for gas in Rogersville, we met an old friend of my dad’s at Demo’s and had a delicious dinner. Demo’s only has locations in Tennessee and Florence and they have the best homemade salad dressings. Justin and I felt like we were small kids again when at dinner because my dad and Keith were engrossed in conversation and Justin and I just sat there. The only difference between now and 20 years ago was that we had phones and sent texts to each other.

After dinner, we made our way to the stadium to get tickets and make our way inside. Keith had one extra ticket and so we only had to buy two. We ended up buying two off a guy who had two extras and paid only $5 each for them, a good deal if I do say so myself.

Justin and I sat with my dad and Keith for a little while before making our way over to our seats. We ended up next to a lady who talked non-stop and was kind of on the crazy side. She told us she hollered a lot and that was not an exaggeration and even when Justin and I were trying to have a conversation she would talk over us and expect us to answer her. It was kind of strange to say the least.

A few minutes after the game started, my dad sent us a text and said there were seats open next to him and Keith; so, we left the crazy lady and went up to sit with them. As we walked off, the crazy lady said something to us. I didn’t hear what it was, but Justin said she was insulted that we had left her.

Once we got up to where my dad and Keith were, we ended up sitting behind a lady who did a lot of complaining. This was quite funny to us because she had on a shirt that said something about the attitude of Christ. I told my dad and Justin if she had the attitude of Christ, then I must be doing pretty well.

The game was really good, despite the fact that UNA lost in overtime. UNA, my dad’s alma mater was ranked number one and Delta State was ranked number two. After the game, we made our way to the car and back to Huntsville. I was dropped off about midnight, which made for an exhausting Friday. Hopefully we can do it again next year, only with a UNA win.


Candy said...

This comment has nothing to do with this post but I forgot to tell you tonight at church. Today during our potluck I got about run over by the same lady you mentioned in your blog "Tales from the potluck line". Yep! She about knocked me, JC and our plates to the ground as she was reaching over us for the crockpot of ribs. haha! We really need some kind of system set up during these meals!

Erika said...

My life will be complete if I ever figure out how to make Demo's blue cheese dressing! haha
Glad you were able to make the UNA game.

Jackie said...

Cute picture of you three. I am digging the hat!