Monday, October 24, 2011

Annual Ladies' Night Out Costume Party

Tonight was the annual Ladies' Night Out Costume Contest for our church. This year, instead of having it at the home of our annual hostess, Janice, we had it at the church building and Janice was the hostess. I don't know why, but all of a sudden it seems like everyone wants to host at the church building and it makes me miss the good ole days when we went to folks' houses each month.

Anyway, this year, you may have noticed, I didn't put a poll up as to what type of costume I should wear. The reason being is that I thought I would be recuperating from foot surgery and didn't plan to dress up as anything. Then, when my foot surgery was canceled, I had to come up with something quick and decided on a football player. I borrowed my dad's high school jersey and bought some football pants for $7 off of eBay and voila - I'm a football player.

We had a pretty good turnout this year, including quite a few new faces which is always nice but some of our regulars couldn’t make it, which was sad, but hopefully they will be back next month when we have our annual Christmas ornament exchange. We voted on the costumes and while I was tallying the votes, the girls played Halloween BINGO for a chance at a door prize.

The winners of the costume contest were

Pam Almo – as a really old vampire – apparently she was bitten while she was living in a nursing home, thus the sign, Why Now?

Mrs. Irma – as Rosie the Riveter from all the WWII posters

Janice Jennings finished in third place but since she was the hostess she graciously let the next person take the third place prize, which was Christina Johnston as a cookie.

Janice - the hostess with the mostess

Christina - the cookie

I'm striking the Heisman pose in my dad's high school jersey

Honey - she was a little girl and looked really cute

Sassy Sandra -always dressed up well!

Shelia - A train conductor


Melissa said...

Looks like y'all had a good time!

Erika said...

Love the football costume and especially the pose!
I love Mrs. Irma's outfit, too.
p.s. I like it at people's houses, too.

Jackie said...

Haha love the pictures! Looks like fun!

Candy said...

I won't say a word ;) haha