Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Mickey's Birthday

Is everyone ready for Halloween? It was a busy weekend for me as it almost always is around this time of year. The most important event of the weekend was Little Mickey’s birthday party, which was held this past Saturday night at El Omeca Restaurant in Hampton Cove.

Little Mickey turned 46 this year and it is always so much fun to get together with everyone to celebrate. We met up at the restaurant at 5:30 and partied til they kicked us out, okay maybe just an hour and a half or so but it was still a lot of fun. Uncle Mickey and Aunt Nina and Scott were there along with Jackie and the kids, Tim and Jan, Jason and Christa and me; well, and of course, the guest of honor, Little Mickey.

We ate chips and salsa and cheese dip, our dinners and then birthday cake, of which Uncle Mickey had two pieces! Needless to say; I was more than stuffed by the time I left, as I think everyone was. The night even had a food dight of sorts between Scott, Troy and Ashlyn who proceeded to throw Chips and the occasional spit ball and eventually Ashlyn was able to get Scott in the face with some icing from the cake. There's never a dull moment, people! Little Mickey got all kinds of great gifts including an Alabama shirt, lots of books and a CD. I’m sure there were other things but I can’t remember. The most important thing was that he had a good time and I think he did. Here are some photos from the night.

We had some fun with those birthday party blow things - what are those called?

Right after Little Mickey blew out the candles

Jackie got hiim this Halloween mask

Ashlyn and Scott - rocking out

Scott, me and Little Mickey

Me and Little Mickey

The birthday boy!


Jackie said...

The picture of you, Scott and Little Mickey is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures with Mickey, Scott and especially the one with Ashlyn and Scott. I must have missed that one.
It was a lot of fun.