Sunday, October 23, 2011

Strange Sights

Over the past few days, I have seen a few strange sights and wanted to share them with you today, primarily because, well, they were strange, and secondly because there’s not much else to write about today.

Friday night, I worked for The Times covering a game at Goldsmith Schiffman (the bathrooms were still locked – my tax dollars at work). During the second quarter, the referee threw the penalty flag for holding in the backfield, which isn’t all that unusual. What was unusual about this particular flag throwing incident was that the flag, rather than landing on the field, landed in the facemask of a player. That’s right, as the kid was running the flag became lodged in his facemask, which was hilarious to me but probably quite shocking to him. I’ve never seen hat happen before and the ref probably couldn’t have hit him in the facemask if his life depended on it. It certainly made for a good laugh.

On Saturday, there were two strange sights at my house. The first came midday on Saturday. I have some bamboo stalks out behind my shed which I use for my tomato plants in the summer. I usually store them in the shed after use, but because I am lazy, I haven’t bothered to put them away yet. I noticed earlier Saturday morning or it may have even been Friday that one of the bamboo stalks was lying in the grass beside the shed. I figured the wind blew it over and made a mental note that I needed to go store them away for the winter. Then Saturday afternoon when I went to let The Tide out, I saw a squirrel in the backyard, carrying the bamboo stick. Well, carrying may be an exaggeration because I’m sure the squirrel was using its teeth, but nonetheless, the bamboo stick was halfway across the yard thanks to the squirrel who I guess was planning to build a jumbo squirrel house for the winter. The Tide obviously rant he squirrel off and I’ve left the bamboo in the yard in hopes of catching the squirrel in action once more. These are not small sticks either as they are probably about three or four feet high.

The final strange sight from Saturday was from across the street at a neighbor’s house. I heard what sounded like a group of people and looked outside to see about 10 people come from the backyard of a girl who lives across the street. They were taking photos (I could see the flash) and laughing and talking and wearing running shorts with knee high socks. The group left and then two more guys came out and ran off to catch up with the group. I assume they were playing a prank on the girl who I hope is their friend. I really wanted to go over and check out her backyard, but didn’t want any evidence of my being there in case a crime had been committed. Yes, I watch too much CSI.

Those, dear friends are the strange sights from the weekend. What about you? Did you witness anything strange this weekend? It’s getting closer to Halloween so perhaps more strange sights are around the corner.

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Alison said...

Ha! Too bad you didn't get a picture of the squirrel. :)