Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday Night Fun With Justin

Friday night, because there were very few local games in the Huntsville area, I had the night off from The Times. I was originally planning on going home and being a couch potato, but my brother had some things on his agenda and I agreed to tag along/provide him with transportation – it’s what we big sisters do.

After work, I went by our friend Michael’s house and picked Justin up. We then ran an errand to Target and then headed over to Huntsville Middle School for the Spaghetti dinner for the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run. When we arrived, we saw Jan, Troy and Ms. Kathy in the parking lot and parked beside them. As Justin got out of the car, he discovered gum on his pants, which was also on my car seat. Apparently he had sat in some gum on a bench outside of Target and smooshed it into his jeans and my car seat. Poor Blue, the passenger window doesn’t work, one windshield wiper only works part of the time, one reverse light is out, and now she has gum smooshed into her front passenger seat; but still she drives on.

Technically, Justin was supposed to pay $5 for his meal since he was a non-runner, but he just scooted on through the line, as did others. The meal was once again catered by Carrabba’s and was quite yummy. I don’t think it was enough food for Justin though seeing as how his appetite never seems to subside.

After we scarfed down our food, we left to go downtown for the Huntsville ghost walk. This was Justin’s first ghost walk and my third. Since I had done the Twickenham and Old Town ghost walks, we decided to do the downtown ghost walk, which was just as interesting as the other two. I took a few pictures but I don’t think I captured any spirits this year. Justin enjoyed the ghost walk for which I was glad. If you’ve never been, it’s a great way to learn quite a bit about the history of Huntsville. There are a lot of interesting stories. The ghost walks continue this weekend and next. Friday nights the walks start at 6:00 and on Saturdays they are held at 6:00 and 8:30. Each walk lasts about two hours. If you have an iPhone (I do not), there is an app that will detect the spirits and will even tell you the name of the spirit. Each time a name came up it was accurate to the name our guide was telling a story about. Our guide this time was once again Robert Reeves. He is really great.

When the walk was over, I drove Justin home where he was picked up by Jackie. He, Jackie and Troy went to the Haunted Corn Maze. You may recall that the Haunted Corn Maze is not something I’m really fond of and so since I knew Jackie and Troy were going, I asked her if she would mind letting Justin tag along and she graciously agreed. I think they had a fun/interesting time.

October has once again shaped up to be a non-stop month of activities. Come back tomorrow to hear about our experience at the 8th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.

Two Murders took place in this upstairs room at Halsey Grocery and the ghosts are still here.

Justin listening to stories at Big Spring Park

There are two ghosts at the Russell Erskine, one is named Jeffrey

I had some other photos to share, but I can't get them to load in the correct position. None of them had ghosts though. Guess it wasn't a good night for capturing orbs on film.


Jackie said...

I would like to do the downtown ghost walk. The other 2 were really fun and interesting.

Erika said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend...good picture of Justin, btw.