Monday, October 10, 2011

Alabama Homecoming 2011

Me and Justin on the porch of the Theta house,
where we have spent many hours of our life.

This past Saturday my brother Justin and I went to the Alabama vs. Vanderbilt game and we had a really good time if I do say so myself.

We left Huntsville at noon and headed south to Tuscaloosa, arriving about 2:45. We parked in a free parking spot which is at least one mile, maybe two from the stadium and started walking. On our walk, we stopped off at a convenient store so I could get some Tylenol for a headache that I felt coming on, and with the heat, I knew it wouldn’t subside any time soon. In fact, I still have a remnant of it now as I type (on Sunday night).

We then made a beeline for the Kappa Alpha Theta house and a lunch. On the way down, I told Justin how much I hoped they would be serving what we know as the Theta Meal, fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and rolls. Since it was homecoming weekend, I had a pretty good feeling that the Theta Meal would indeed me the menu for the day and when we walked in the door and smelled the fried chicken, I could have burst in to tears from excitement. It was my favorite meal in college and no doubt the reason I gained some weight. I loaded up my plate and took in all the deliciousness that Terry and the rest of the kitchen staff had prepared and ate way too much, but it was so darn good.

The Theta Meal - So Good!

Justin enjoying a glass of sweet tea!

Speaking of Terry, he has worked at the Theta house since I was in school and is such a nice guy! He always remembers my name and has gone from being a skinny young boy to a grown man. His house was destroyed in the Tuscaloosa tornado back in April but all of his family is safe and I am so thankful for that. As he told Justin and I on Saturday, they build houses everyday but you can’t rebuild a life.

After stuffing our faces, we lingered on the front porch until the band came by on their way to the stadium, after which, we made our way inside. I took a bathroom break (imagine that) before the game got started and made it to my seat in time for the teams to come out on the field.

The band coming by the Theta house

The game was good, of course, as Alabama won and we had a nice time together. In the third quarter I got a stadium dog and Justin tracked down a guy to get me a bottled Diet Coke, which after taking the first sip I realized was expired. I have really got to start looking at the date first.

After the game was over, we made the trek back to the car which took us about 30 minutes to walk. We got back to Huntsville around 12:30 a.m. or so and I made it home by 1:00 a.m. A big thanks to my granddad, Bill, for giving us the tickets and for letting The Tide out for a bathroom break while we were gone, and a big thank you to my baby brother for letting me join him on a fun day.

Before Kick Off

Justin, enjoying the game

Justin on the porch of the Theta house

Sister and Brother at the game


Kimberly Washer said...

That last picture is way cute!!

Erika said...

Reading this post makes me wish I could live my life over and go to school at Alabama!
Glad you and Justin had such a fun time. Good to see pictures of the two of you hanging out together.