Thursday, March 14, 2013

At Least We’re Still Friends…I Think

Well folks, it appears that the ole stomach bug did not contain itself to just my mother’s bedroom and my dear ole dad has it now as well. I think it goes without saying that I’ll be steering clear of their home for a few days or maybe even weeks. As far as I know, or at least as the time I’m typing this at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday night, Justin has been spared; but, I wouldn't expect that to last long since he was my mother’s personal nurse when she was losing her lunch on Tuesday night. I’m also told that my Aunt Linda has the stomach bug as well. It’s a vicious beast, that stomach bug and I hope it doesn't attack me.

I think I’m doing a wee bit better with the Daylight Savings Time, or getting a little used to it anyway. At any rate, I’ve been packing my lunch the night before which has helped with some time management in the mornings, for which I am thankful. As much as I love cool/cold weather, I am actually looking forward to warmer days (for now). I look forward to being able to walk in my neighborhood in the afternoons and to riding my bike on the weekends and just generally being more active. I've been pretty lazy this winter and I’m really longing for some moving and shaking and I’m hoping the warmer weather will help motivate me.
The grass, or weeds as the case may be, is starting to grow and it looks like I’ll be in the lawn care-taking business before too long. Unfortunately with all the sickness and other bizarre things going on in the life of my father, there has been no progress on getting a new shed for my backyard which presents a predicament come yard-mowing time. Hopefully we can come up with some sort of solution soon.

Today (Thursday) would have been my grandfather’s 81st birthday. It’s still a very strange feeling when I think about him not being here anymore. I was very blessed to have him as a grandfather for as long as I did. My aunt (my dad’s sister) and I went out to dinner with my grandmother tonight as a mini-celebration of the life of my granddad. We went to Blue Plate Café and had a nice time just being together and sharing some memories of my granddad and his love of sweets.  

I mentioned at some point last week or this week (I can’t remember exactly when)   that I was training someone at work and that someone happens to be my friend Meri. Well, we were friends before I started training her anyway. Y’all, I will be the first to admit I’m not even remotely patient when it comes to teaching someone. I would have been a terrible teacher (which is what I wanted to be at some point when I was younger).  I feel bad when I huff and puff at Meri, but thankfully she takes it in stride and we often have a good laugh about my crazy behavior. If our friendship survives this, and I think it will, then we will probably be friends for many years to come; and for that I am very thankful indeed!

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