Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Monday I Was Out Cold

Side note: of course as soon as I posted I was having technical difficulties I was able to log in to my work email. Sometimes computer and I just don't get along. 

Greetings readers! I hope everyone's week is off to a fantastic start. My apologies for not being with you sooner than now but I have a legitimate excuse which I will share with you, although it may be too much sharing in your humble opinion. At any rate, I was knocked out cold on Monday as I was undergoing my first ever colonoscopy. That's right folks, I had my backside examined. I am happy to report that there are no major problems and I will live to see another day. The colonoscopy was just a precautionary measure as my dad has colitis and colitis is hereditary. The procedure itself isn't bad; after all, they knock you out cold. The prep work the day before, however, was not as bad as I expected, but still not fun and I am quite glad it is all over. 

So, I'm back with you today and hopefully for the rest of the week. My Aunt Linda took me to my procedure yesterday (Thanks Aunt Linda!) because my dad still wasn't quite over the stomach bug and I'm trying my darnedest not to get it so I told him to stay home and I would ask Aunt Linda to take me and she graciously agreed. We arrived at the doctor's office a little before 8:00 and I guess I was in the back around 9:00 a.m. or maybe a little before. I was less than thrilled to see my doctor, who I've known since I was about 12 and he was about 20 (and not even a doctor). There's just something unsettling about someone you've known most of your life looking at and up your backside.

The procedure was over in the blink of an eye and Aunt Linda and I were on the road around 9:45 or so. We went to Blue Plate Cafe to get some breakfast as I do enjoy their cheesy browns in the morning. We finished up breakfast about 10:40 and as we were leaving my dad called to check in. I'm pretty sure I told him we were at Blue Plate and then a little later he asked if I knew where I was and I said, "yes, Blue Plate, I'm pretty sure I just told you that". At least this is how I remember the conversation going. 

Aunt Linda dropped me off at home and I proceeded to go straight to sleep. Jackie showed up around 11:30 and brought some healthy snacks of cannoli and tiramisu. We chatted for a while about this and that and oddly enough I think I remember most of it. After Jackie left I went to sleep again and woke up when Erika called at 4:30 p.m. to tell me she would be by my house in an hour to an hour and a half. So, I decided I should probably stay awake for a while so as not to appear like a zombie when she arrived. Thankfully, I had some coupons that I needed to clip and did that to stay awake. Erika arrived a little before 6:00 and she and I headed over to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chunn. Mrs. Chunn was one of Erika's grade school teachers and she also taught both of us in Bible school when we were children. Mr. and Mrs. Chunn are moving to Nashville because they are getting older and want to be closer to their family and so she had invited us over to see if we wanted any of the items she no longer wanted or needed. We both took home a few treasures, including matching tablecloths. I also ended up with a couple of nice Tupperware pieces and a glass serving piece. I also got a couple of books that were Mr. Chunn's. These will be nice mementos to have for years to come.

After we perused the items Mrs. Chunn was getting rid of, I imposed upon Erika's Christian kindness and asked her to drive me to Publix as I needed to pick up a few things for my lunch; we each ended up buying a few items. After our grocery store run, we picked up some Little Rosie's and then Erika drove me home through a dark Huntsville as the power was out in the middle of town; thankfully the power at my house was not affected by the outage. I offered for Erika to stay and eat her dinner with me but I think she was ready to get on home and she did just that. Hopefully her power was on when she arrived. I spent the remainder of the evening watching TV with The Tide.

A big thanks to all who helped me yesterday - Aunt Linda, Jackie and Erika - if it weren't for you I might still be passed out cold at the doctor's office or something like that. 


Jackie said...

Let me know how those cannoli's were. They looked yummy. Glad you are okay and it was nothing serious.

Erika said...

Luckily my power was on! I had to get up an hour early the next day so I figured I'd better head on home.
I so enjoyed our trip to see Mrs. Chunn and our visit to Publix. Even though I don't see them often, it will seem strange for the Mr. and Mrs. Chunn not to be in Huntsville. She was (and is) such a great example to us. Maybe since Downton Abbey is gone, we can grocery shop together :)
Glad your procedure went well, and very glad that everything is ok health-wise.