Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Conclave Begins and I'm Blocked

The rest of my weekend was about as eventful as my Friday night as in it wasn't eventful at all. Saturday morning I got my hair trimmed and went right back home afterwards. I managed to do some more cleaning and laundry and then took a four hour nap because apparently I was really tired, or maybe I was trying to prepare myself for the impending time change. Either way, by the time I woke up, it was basically time for me to go over to my parents' house for dinner. My dad grilled pork chops and they were delicious. I think it might have been one of his best batches - either that or I just have not had any in such a long time that I forgot how good they can be. 

While there, my dad and I booked our flights (again) for our trip to California in May. As luck would have it, when my dad originally booked our flights on January 21, something went awry and the flights didn't actually book. So, here we were almost two months later, with no flights. So, instead of flying out of Huntsville, which was the original plan, we are now flying out of Nashville for two reasons. Reason number one is that it is now a little over $200 per person cheaper and reason number two was because there were no return flights to Huntsville that didn't involve flying overnight and arriving on a Sunday morning. This would have been a-okay by me, but my dad didn't want to do that because we should really be at church instead of flying the friendly skies. So, Nashville it is. At this point, I'm just happy to have a flight and in case you're wondering, I logged on to my Sky Miles account on Monday and indeed, I am confirmed for the flights we booked on Saturday, which is a huge relief because Ellen is waiting for us to show up on May 16.

Sunday was the usual - church, grocery store and lunch. I did not have my little cousin with me because she went to see her dad for the weekend. I was disappointed too because it was kid's day at church and I knew she would enjoy all the festivities. Jackie brought me a soup mix to church which I proceeded to put in my purse and then forgot to take out when I went grocery shopping. Thankfully no one saw it and accused me of stealing soup. Then Sunday afternoon/early evening I went over to my friend Meri's house to crash the eighth grade devotional. Yes, this is the same Meri I am training at work. We also go to the same church and she was hosting the eighth grade devotional and invited me to come. So, I did because free food was involved and also because I like Meri and also because I like eight graders...ha, just kidding, that was kind of creepy. The devotional was a good time and there were actually more adults than children there which was kind of odd, but we adults had a lovely time. I met Meri's husband and also her sister and brother-in-law and we all got along swimmingly. Meri's mom Claudia (who also happens to work where we do) made her famous spaghetti sauce and it was delicious - we even had it for lunch on Monday. Afterwards I moseyed on home because I like to lie on my couch and watch TV. I am the definition of a couch potato. 

In some very exciting news, the conclave begins today (Tuesday) and we will soon know who the new Pope is going to be. Listen, I'm not Catholic (and you probably already knew that), but I find this whole Pope bit to be rather fascinating. I never in a million years would have guessed we would be witnessing another conclave so soon after 2005. This is only the second conclave I can remember but the third since my birth - the first being in 1978 and I probably wasn't even talking then - and so it's just an interesting and fascinating process, or at least it is to me. So, I'll be waiting along with the rest of the world and tuning in each evening to see who will be elected the next pope. 

After four years and two months of blogging, and often posting from work, the Blogger web site has now been blocked by the company for which I work. I guess they decided that after four years and two months of me occasionally logging in from my desk, they should maybe block the page. It's extremely frustrating and also stupid because what's the harm in logging in during lunch to post a little something for my loyal readers? So, now, I must work harder to write in advance so I can post from home in the evenings. I guess it's a good thing I decided to get internet service at home in July 2011. Not only is the Blogger login page blocked, but also eBay! Again, it's not like I log on to eBay all the time but I do like to occasionally peruse the site during lunch hours. I feel like I've been grounded or something. 


Jackie said...

Let me know what you think about the soup mix. I was wondering what you meant by you were at the 8th grade devotional in that text the other night...haha!

Melissa said...

Let me know if you need somewhere to stay in order to get to the Nashville airport easier. My house is open to you and your dad.
Does your company have a guest network? That's often a reliable work around when companies block their workers from various sites.
Happy Wednesday!