Monday, March 25, 2013

So Much for the Big Blizzard of 2013

Once again the weather forecasters predicted snow and once again I was left disappointed when I woke up Friday morning and there was no snow on the ground. Not only was there no snow, but the temperature was also a lot warmer than predicted. The same for Saturday - I thought it was supposed to be freezing cold outside and it was in the 50s. Then all of a sudden Sunday afternoon it turned freezing cold...with a chance of snow. Only there was no snow...again. I'm beginning to wonder if this might be one of those years where we get a huge snow in April.

Friday night I had big plans of staying up until 10:00 and watching all of Rock Center with Brian Williams before going to bed. Only I fell asleep before 9:30 and didn't wake up until 11:11 at which point, I got up, washed my face and went to bed. Life is so exciting at 36! Saturday morning I had grand plans of making it to the gym but my back was hurting more than it usually does and so I settled on skipping a workout and gave my back a much needed rest. My chiropractor says my purse is too big. He's probably right, but it's also the awesome genes I inherited from my mother's family and their history of bad backs. Thanks mom!

I did manage to get some cleaning done and a lot of resting, which is oh so important on the weekends. During the midst of my lazy day of watching multiple episodes of The Golden Girls and The Cosby Show (seriously, I could watch these two shows all day long) , the doorbell rang. I'm always skeptical of a ringing doorbell. As it turns out, it was a guy from my class at church and a friend of his. Then the wheels started turning - why is he here? I've been to class. I'm not skipping church. What does he want? Apparently, these two were just out and about in my neighborhood asking people if they needed any help with things around the house, spreading God's love. I thought it was nice of them. I didn't need anything done, plus I had on my PJs and to be honest, no bra, and so I sent them packing as soon as I could without being rude. 
I also made a meatloaf and some coleslaw for dinner and my dad made fried okra, corn on the cob, white beans and cornbread. He also made two pies - one chocolate and the other had blueberries and bananas and was absolutely delicious. I wish I had a piece right now. Brittany dropped Sydney off at my parents' house and she and I headed to Five Points around 7:00 p.m. 

Once we got home, she informed me she was hungry - that child is always hungry. So, I fixed her some chicken fries. She wanted six and she ate them all and was still hungry so she had some cereal. Then she took a bath and then she danced around to Gangnam Style. I have no idea where she heard the song, but she was singing it and so I looked it up on You Tube and played it for her so she could dance to it. The Tide did not enjoy this part of the evening. Then she was hungry again and she wanted an apple - all of this took place in the span of about two hours. 

Finally she lay down in the chair and we watched Santa Buddies - yes, a Christmas movie in March. The movie is about a group of dogs and Sydney told The Tide that she needed to pay attention to the movie so she would know how to be good. About 9:30ish, Sydney said, "Tash, I'm going to close my eyes, but I'm not going to sleep" and she was asleep within five minutes or less which turned out to be a good thing because it soon started storming and she is afraid of storms. Luckily she didn't wake up at all during the night. 

We went to church the next morning and then to lunch with our family and then made a quick run by Publix before Brittany came and picked her up and took her to visit the Easter Bunny! I'm sure that was quite an experience. There's no telling what she asked for! I picked up a few things for her last Friday to make a little Easter basket, or bucket as the case may be and am looking forward to giving it to her. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring some snow with him too - perhaps I'll go ask him for that.


Erika said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

These stories about Sydney absolutely crack me up!

Tell those guys from church to come knock on my door - I will put them to work washing dishes and cleaning my nasty floors ;)
That was really nice of them.

Jackie said...

Awe little Sydney is so cute!! Keep that fridge stocked because one thing I have learned is kids can pretty much eat 24/7.