Friday, March 1, 2013

Photos From My Phone - March 2013 Edition

Thought I would start March with some random pictures from my phone. It's been a little while since I shared any random phone pictures with you and so I figured I would go ahead and post these before they get deleted from my phone forever.

The first photo is a picture of Madison Academy's state football champions ring. A guy in my class at church is one of the assistant coaches and he brought it in to show me a few weeks ago. This is the top or front of the ring, however you want to word it. I think it's pretty. My dad said he didn't like it and thought it should have Madison Academy on it and I think I would agree. They could have put the words around the logo, but what do I know about picking out rings for guys?

This next photo is a picture of Troy leading singing at church. He and some of the other boys in his age group lead the service in scripture reading, speeches, and song leading on Sunday night, February 10. We were all so proud of Troy. He did a fantastic job leading "As The Deer". I look forward to watching him grow in the Lord as he gets older.

This picture is of my Aunt Linda's Mac and Cheese. She makes the best Mac and Cheese ever and she brought this over to my parents' house after my granddad passed away. I actually took this photo and put it on Twitter to show my cousin Anna. Anna loves my Aunt Linda's (her Nana) Mac and Cheese and she wasn't too thrilled that we had some and she did not.

Then my parents posed eating the Mac and Cheese for me to post on Twitter - again, for Anna's benefit. Poor Anna, we really rubbed it in that night; but it was all in good fun.

This next photo was taken on my drive home a few weeks ago. It was raining (shocking I know) and the sun was also out. The traffic was stopped on the interstate and I noticed this rainbow, grabbed my phone and took a photo. Does anyone else think of Noah each time they see a rainbow?

Finally, I took this photo the week of my birthday. I got some mail from the AARP and while turning 36 may be old to some people, it gave me a chuckle that I was getting mail from AARP.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my phone's photo album. Have a great weekend!


Erika said...

Perhaps your Aunt Linda could give us a macaroni and cheese making tutorial - that looks soo good. Or better yet, just make us a
That picture of Troy is so sweet...
I love all the random photos!

Jackie said...

That Mac & Cheese looks awesome!! My boy looks super cute up there leading singing:-)