Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Thought It Was Vitamin Gut

Do you ever get vitamin gut? You know, that queasy feeling you sometimes get when you take your vitamins on an empty stomach. I get it from time to time which is why I now take my morning medicines with milk. It truly does help with the vitamin gut feeling. Today, even after drinking milk with my morning meds, I still felt a  little queasy. By the time I got to work, my stomach was still not up to par and continued to feel worse throughout the course of the day.

Around noon I decided to go ahead and leave work for the day rather than suffer at my desk for one more minute. I took a nap when I got home and around 3:30 or so I began to spend the remainder of the day and evening in the bathroom hugging the toilet with my arms. That's right folks, it would appear that the dreaded stomach bug has finally hit me. After avoiding it for more than a month, my luck ran out. I have racked my brain trying to figure out where I picked it up. My best bet is at the chiropractor's office - the nurse who did my treatment told me that her two girls had the stomach virus last week and I can only imagine that she probably carried it in to the office and gave it to me. Thanks a lot lady! I'm hoping this will be a quick run and it won't last a whole week like it has with other folks.

Speaking of the chiropractor, I almost died on the way to his office yesterday. As I got on the exit ramp at Governor's Drive, the vehicle in front of me came to a screeching halt. It was some sort of wildlife removal company and they decided to risk their lives and mine in the middle of rush hour traffic to pick up a ladder on the side of the road. They already had two ladders on their truck so I'm guessing this one wasn't even their's because think about it, have you ever seen a truck with three ladders? I doubt it. It's usually just two. Maybe it was their ladder - either way, it was a dumb move and could have injured or killed a lot of people.

At work on Monday, some of the cars in the parking lot were spray painted. The security guards were clearly hard at work. I was really hoping Old Blue would have gotten a stripe of spray paint on her broken window so I could get it replaced, but I was not so lucky. One guy in our department was a victim of the spray paint bandit and filed a police report. Hopefully he will be able to get his car repaired without any problems.

Well, typing this up has been the biggest break my stomach has given me in quite some time. So, I'm not going to press my luck, but instead will bid you adieu. Hope your health is fairing better than mine.

One more note - a shout out to my mom today - it's her birthday. Happy Birthday Mother! I look forward to celebrating with you when my belly can once again hold solid foods!


Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon! Stomach bugs are awful. But, I also know what you mean about taking vitamins on an empty stomach. That has made me very sick before. Spray painting bandits at work.. that would make me mad. Yes, it sounds like the security guards may have been asleep at the wheel.

Erika said...

Happy Belated Bday Mrs. Debbie!

I am sorry you are sick, and hope you feel much better very soon.

That is terrible about the spray paint...so mean....