Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Updates and Other Random Thoughts

Someone asked recently in the comments (I think it was Melissa) about the car rider I had back in the fall and what had become of her and so I thought I would fill you in on those details. W's car was finally repaired after about four or five weeks of me and T picking her up and taking her home from work and to my knowledge, she has not had any car troubles since there. She also gave both me and T $10 (or maybe it was $15) for gas for the weeks that we gave her a ride. T, perhaps a better person than me, gave the money back to W; I, however, kept it and I think used it to buy Justin's entrance into a football game or maybe I just bought us a bunch of junk food from the concession stand, either way it went to a good cause.

It seems like a very long time ago I told y'all that I was not a fan of Greek yogurt, and I'm here today to inform you that I apparently lied. When this Greek yogurt faze hit the US I tried some kind (I cannot recall the brand) and thought it had a terrible taste. Now I'm wondering if perhaps it was expired or something. Late last year I was watching Rock Center with Brian Williams and Harry Smith did a piece on Chobani yogurt - that is Chobani Greek yogurt. I don't think they make any other kind really. I found the piece to be quite interesting and at the end, Harry tried some fresh off the line yogurt and raved about how good it was. So, being swayed by television as I so often am, I bought some Chobani on my next trip to the grocery store and I haven't stopped eating it yet! I love this stuff. Since Dannon discontinued my beloved French yogurt, I've been searching for something almost as good and Chobani is about as close as it gets. The strawberry is my favorite, although the banana is quite remarkable.

I'm training someone at work this week (hi Meri). That's right, my friend Meri, winner of the most recent giveaway has moved into the same department as me at work and I have been training her, or yelling at her she might say. Hopefully I'm not being too mean or short but I don't have a great deal of patience and I'm not even sure if I'm explaining things well - probably not. It's a good thing I never became a teacher I guess. Hopefully Meri isn't too traumatized and once she learns the bazillion Excel shortcuts I've showed her and she learns what exactly it is that we do at work and why we do it, then perhaps it will be easier for her. In the meantime, you may want to pray for both of us.

Have y'all been watching "The Bible" on The History Channel? I thought the first couple of episodes were pretty good and believe it or not, it was the TV ratings winner last Sunday night (a big positive if you ask me). I'm looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the series will play out. It's interesting to see which stories are included and which are left out. It would be quite difficult to tell every single story in the Bible in just a few hours on TV. The series continues this coming Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. Central and if you missed the first two episodes which aired last Sunday, check your History Channel listings or On Demand. I think it's worth a watch.

I haven't been to any movies since January but am thinking about seeing "Oz the Great and Powerful" this coming up weekend if I have the time. It looks kind of interesting. I have always loved The Wizard of Oz and have watched it hundreds of times, including two or three times each weekend when my cousin Sydney stays, and so I'm curious to see this new spin on the books/movie. Speaking of which, has anyone every read the books? I have them on my Kindle but have not read them yet. I think this is all the rambling I'll do for today. I've got to save something for tomorrow! Until then!


Jackie said...

Troy has read the Wizard of Ox books so the next time you see him you should ask him about it. Ashlyn wants to see the movie so I think we might be going this weekend as well.

Jackie said...

Haha...that's supposed to be OZ although the wizard of ox sounds pretty interesting.

Melissa said...

Love your random posts. Yes, I did ask about the car situation - glad hers is fixed. I would have kept the money too :) I saw the Oz preview when I went to see Safe Haven. It looked interesting. Safe Haven was great too. :)