Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Channeling My Inner Mrs. Kravitz

I didn't mention in my last post that the neighbors across the street from me (and next to Jeff) moved out over the weekend. I actually have no idea what their names are or what they do, etc. as I have never bothered to go over and introduce myself. It's sad, I know. Since I've lived in my house, the rental across the street has had many colorful characters live there. I am assuming the lease has run out and the people decided to move elsewhere. In all honesty, I don't think the man who owns the property is a very good landlord, so the high turnover is not much of a surprise. 

When I first moved in there was a lady and her older son who lived there and about two years later her job transferred her to Washington and they moved. Since then, we've had an array of neighbors who never stay more than a year, and sometimes even less than a year. There was a woman who lived there with one or two family members that Jeff referred to as "Panties" because he saw her come outside in her underwear once and I think it scarred him for life. We had a couple of bachelors in their 20's live there and one of them had a girlfriend who was there often as well. In fact, the girlfriend took it upon herself to park in my yard until I left her a note one day to park in her own yard. There was a young family (wife, husband, young child) that lived there before the current couple and we never heard much out of them. Really, the only crazy people that has lived there is "Panties" and her crew. 

The current couple is somewhat of a mystery. When Brittany picked Sydney up on Sunday she thought she recognized the girl as someone she went to school with. The girl has a little boy who stays with her on occasion. They had a cat at one point; in fact I mentioned the cat once before as I found it interesting that it would sit on the roof of the house. The cat also had kittens which they gave away to various folks. Then Jeff found out they took the cat out to the country and just left it somewhere because the girl didn't want to pay for an animal license. They also have, or had, a dog; I'm really not sure if the dog is still with them or not because I haven't seen it in a long while. The dog was sweet and the man who lived there took it for walks. Jeff said it was a very friendly dog. Obviously Jeff and I do a lot of talking about our neighbors. Anyway, some time back in the fall, the couple broke up and the dog, which belonged to the girl, stayed with her across the street. Only instead of taking care of it and letting it inside as she did when her boyfriend lived there, she left the dog tied up outside. The dog would get tangled and Jeff would go over and untangle it. The girl didn't give the dog much care or attention. It was very sad. 

Also while they were broken up she had some other guy shack up over there; but, she was being really secretive about it because I would see his car there like at 5:30 or so in the morning but by the time I left for work, the car would be gone. Whatever girl, you didn't pull one over on me! Anyway, I guess she broke up with the new beau after a month or so and the next thing I knew the original (and still current) boyfriend moved back in. This was a good thing for the dog as the dog once again received attention, was let inside, and walked a few times a day, which made both Jeff and I happy. It's pretty apparent that the girl is not very responsible when it comes to animals. Come to think of it she must not be very responsible with children either or else it seems her little boy would live with her all the time, or at least that's my take anyway. 

That's really all the neighborhood news for now. Thankfully there haven't been any more break-ins recently, or at least none that I know of. Charlie is back to not mowing his grass on a regular basis which makes my yard look stellar compared to his tall, tall grass. I think that he thinks the hideous bushes between our properties belong to me when actually they belong to him. He never mows between them or trims them up so I feel like I'm going to have to break down and have a discussion with him on shrubbery maintenance. If it's left up to me, I would pull them all up and be done with it. The bushes were planted there by the people who flipped Charlie's house and they only planted them there to be mean. So, it just seems inevitable that these dreaded bushes will once again be a topic of conversation; hopefully it will go well, after all, I don't want to have to put the beat down on an old man! 


Tony said...

If ol' Charlie thinks those bushes are your's...just rip those babies up and be done with it. LOL!! He may not even notice they are gone. Just my .02 worth.

Erika said...

I'm with Tony...whack those bushes down!! Then you can say "Oh..I thought you wouldn't mind since you never mow or trim in that area..."
Neighbors....I'm glad to be rid of my bad ones and have a good one again!!
VERY sad about dumping the cat out and not taking care of the dog.
At least your neighbors make good blogging material.

Jesse Stone said...

Let me take care of the problem!
Have gun will travel!