Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday...I Guess You Can Call It That

Last I left you, I was regaling tales of so-called birthday celebrations, which leads us to Easter Sunday in a roundabout sort of way. Weeks upon weeks ago I planned an Easter Sunday dinner for my family (parents', grandparents', aunt, cousin, brother, you get the picture). The dinner was also supposed to double as a birthday celebration for my parents and food assignments were handed out. I have always loved Easter dinner, my fondest memories being of Easter Sundays spent at my aunt Linda and uncle Cecil's, and so I was really looking forward to a good dinner (or lunch if you prefer) with the family. 

After arriving home from the birthday celebration on Saturday I did not feel like cooking in the least. I still had rolls to make and a squash casserole. After sleeping most of the evening away, I did manage to make the dough for the rolls so it would be ready for roll making on Sunday morning. I got up early on Sunday and got to work on the squash casserole. Sadly, I also spent a lot of the morning running to the bathroom (please note I thoroughly washed my hands after each trip). I managed to finish up the squash casserole and make the rolls so they could rise again and then called my parents to let them know I would not be joining in the Easter festivities. I would be dropping off the food and I sure hoped they would enjoy it. I had also planned on making a salad for the dinner, but it did not get made and instead the coleslaw from the night before was served. 

I spent the rest of the morning between the couch, the bathroom and putting food that I would not eat in the oven. However, the morning did not go to wasted as I discovered the most delightful show to pass the time. Time for a side story - A friend of mine had told me about a show entitled "Call the Midwife" that comes on PBS. She said it was grand and I happened to notice that the first episode of season two was coming on Sunday night. So, I logged on to the World Wide Web and discovered that the entire first season was available on the PBS website. There are six episodes in season one and by the time Sunday was over, I had watched all six episodes of season one, the Christmas special (I had to buy it from Amazon for $1.99 - totally worth it) and the first episode of season two that came on that evening. Yes, folks, eight and a half hours of the same show in one day - it was that good! 

Back to the story at hand - Around 11:00 a.m. I took all the food (rolls, squash casserole and deviled eggs) over to my parents' house as well as the Easter bucket I had put together for Sydney. I left everything in the kitchen with a note saying, "Happy Easter! Enjoy the food! Eggs and Coleslaw are in the fridge!" Best I can tell everyone enjoyed the food. I have since found out from one person that unexpected visitors were in attendance and then from my dad that there wasn't enough food - hey, that's what happens when you unexpectedly invite people over for dinner. Just a thought. Hopefully, though everyone got a little tasting of all that was offered and didn't leave hungry. 

After dropping off the food, I came back home and continued my "Call the Midwife" marathon and also looked at the Easter photos everyone posted on Instagram. All my friends and their children looked very springy and gorgeous despite the dreary weather outside - it rained all day. I did finally manage to bathe (always a good thing) and eventually enjoyed a delicious meal of Ramen noodles (please don't be envious). 

Hopefully your Easter was much more delightful than mine and I certainly hope the Easter bunny didn't forget you! 


Erika said...

:( I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy Easter....that's no fun.
But, at least you logged some quality TV time ;) I've got to figure out how to adjust my rabbit ears so I can get PBS!

Jackie said...

I hope you are feeling better. So far what I have seen of The Midwife it's good.

Aimee's Adventures said...

I love "Call the Midwife"! It is more popular in the UK than "Downton Abbey". Jennifer Worth, who the story is based on, wrote four books that are the basis of the show that are excellent. You should read them if you like the show.