Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Mystery of the Mustache

Can someone please tell me when and why mustaches became so stinkin' popular? Everywhere I look, there are mustache do-dads for sale - decals, necklaces, scarves, notebooks, and the list goes on. Seriously, one day there was nothing related to the mustache for sale and then the next day there were a plethora of mustache items available. I don't understand. Who is the person that started this trend and why did they do it? What's so great about a mustache logo? Can someone please explain this to me because I don't get it. Does this mean I'm getting old when I don't understand the new fangled trends? 

As I was driving to work on Wednesday morning, I drove up onto the interstate as I do every morning and there was a gray Ford truck in the lane driving so slow that I actually thought it was just stopped. I had to basically come to a screeching halt so as to not hit the truck. I was traveling at about five miles per hour behind the truck while all other manner of car was pulling over in front of the truck to continue going on down the road, but there were so many cars coming that I couldn't get over to go around. The next thing I knew lights started blinking all over the truck - like police lights. Blue and white and blinking like the lights of a police car. I say blinking, you may say something else. At any rate, I looked at the license plate of the truck and it was just a regular Madison county tag, starting with 47. There was absolutely nothing on the truck to indicate it was a state or city vehicle. Apparently the truck was after a white car in front because the white car pulled over, the truck pulled over, and I was finally able to continue my morning commute. Of course, all of this took place in the course of about 30 seconds, but felt like five minutes. This was the first time I have ever seen an unmarked vehicle without state or city plates and it kind of made me wonder if it was some prankster. I'm sure it was legitimate, but it's had me curious ever since. Have any of you ever noticed any unmarked police cars without city or state plates? Is it legal, because it seems like entrapment to me, at least as far as handing out tickets. 

I wanted to share with you a funny story from Monday afternoon. A friend of mine, Janet, came over around 5:30 to pick up some make-up (yes, I still sale BeautiControl for those of you who didn't know). She didn't plan on staying long as she had somewhere to go and just wanted to stop by quickly to pick up her order. She was there less than five minutes and after she walked out the front door, I went about my business and then saw her walking back up to the house. She had locked her keys in her car but her sunroof was open and she wanted to know if I had a step stool; as a matter of fact I did/do. So, I got out the step stool along with what was once a wire hanger that has been manipulated into a long piece of wire that can be used to retrieve hair from drains and strings from pants. Janet climbed on top of the hood of her car and leaned into the sunroof and used the wire to get her purse and then got the keys out of her purse and was soon on her way to her next destination. So, not only do I have neighbors that I can blog about, but I can also providing blogging material for my neighbors. It's a win-win situation for everyone. 

In work related type news, W is back to bumming rides off of people, well, specifically T. She has yet to ask me for a ride. I don't know if she is scared to ask me or what the deal is, but I can't say I'm upset about it. She is once again waiting to the very last second to ask T for a ride home. She's actually only asked twice, but the second time was last Thursday when there were tornadoes in the area. T doesn't like driving in bad weather and was packing up her things to leave early. When W noticed T was packing up her things, she quickly packed up her things and basically just jumped in the car with T. Needless to say, T was less than happy about it but didn't say anything; however, her driving and mannerisms apparently made W realize that T was upset and so W has not asked for a ride since then. Rumor has it the car has the same problem as before (clutch) and that the part is under warranty but she isn't sure how much the labor is going to be. Um, why don't you get it quoted for one and if she can't afford the labor, well, I don't really even know what to say about that. Maybe for extra cash she could start selling mustache decals; I hear they're quite popular with the kids these days. 


Erika said...

I don't know what the deal is with mustache stuff but I don't like it either.
Happy Friday!

Melissa said...

You crack me up. I don't get the mustache thing either. But yes, I've also noticed they are everywhere. Very strange. I hope you don't get on the list for having to give rides home.

Jackie said...

hahaha!!! I can't get on without some sort of mustache thing being one of their daily boutiques. It's like the Chevron print. It got huge overnight as well.