Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It Was Confirmed On The Way Home

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but the car I would like the most when I finally break down and replace ole Blue is a Volvo station wagon. Specifically, a black Volvo cross country station wagon. I love them and you can carry a lot of things in a station wagon - children, dogs, groceries, hockey equipment, loads of toilet paper for rolling yards, you get the picture. Well, for months now I've had my eye on this very car which has been parked in the park and sell lot of South Parkway. I pass this station wagon every day and dream of one day being it's owner/driver. 

I have deliberately not pulled in to the park and sell lot to look at the price of the car for fear that I would immediately run down to the bank and take out a loan and since I'm currently saving all available funds for vacation, I don't want anything to hinder that progress. Furthermore, the word on the street is that I am next in line for promotion at work once the opportunity becomes available and so I kind of want to wait that situation out as well before making any large purchases. My plan was to wait until I got back from vacation and then go look at the Volvo and check out the price. 

Well, folks, I'm here to tell you that on the way to work on Tuesday morning (I honestly didn't even glance that way on Monday) I discovered that my dream car has been removed form the park and sell lot. I thought it might be an illusion, but confirmed it on the way home. The Volvo is MIA. I don't know if someone bought it or if it was moved to another lot or if the owner just gave up on selling it, but apparently it was not meant to be my car. It's sad but true and so the quest is now on to find another one just like it at some point, maybe even later this year. 

In other news, yard mowing season is staring me directly in the face and I'm both dreading it and delighted about it all at the same time. I hate the thought of mowing the grass in 100 degree weather; but really, mowing is one of the few things in this life that provides me with some instant gratification. Seriously, it's not often you can look upon your work with sweat pouring down your face while drinking an ice cold Gatorade and think, "yes, that looks awesome!" but I'm here to tell you that with yard mowing, that's exactly how it is. The satisfaction I get from a freshly mowed yard is like no other - it's just getting motivated to do it that's the big problem. 

The past few years I have waited way too long to start the yard mowing. This year, the grass is high but not terribly so and I think it's still at a somewhat manageable level. I had big plans of mowing the lawn on Tuesday afternoon and called my aunt's boyfriend to see if he could bring my mower over for me. As you may recall my shed blew away in February and Chris has been kind enough to store all of my belongings at his workshop. So, he brought it over and when I got home, I got changed and was all geared up and ready for the first mowing of the season - and then the lawn mower wouldn't start. I summoned Jeff; well, knocked on his door and asked him to take a look. He had no luck either and so the grass remained unkempt for another day. 

Today (Wednesday) my dad and his friend Buddy stopped by the house to see about building a bathroom cabinet and also a new shed and they were able to get the lawn mower working. Apparently after the shed blew away, the mower ended up with some water in it which was causing it to be finicky about starting. With any luck, it will start up again when I make it home from work and I'll be able to give the yard a good trimming before time for church, otherwise the theme song for my backyard may soon be "Welcome to the Jungle."

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