Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Steady and Slow-Paced Weekend

Well, I didn't post Sunday night - just wasn't in much of a writing mood and the weekend wasn't too eventful - and then really didn't have much to say after the events that took place in Boston yesterday. So, today, Tuesday, I'm back to posting about nothing of great importance, otherwise known as normalcy around this little corner of the internets.  

Friday night I came home from work and mowed the lawn - front and back this time. I need to do some weed-eating as well; but, I suppose that will have to wait until I have a shed again and all my belongings have been returned to me. At any rate, it looked pretty good after I was done. Apparently when my dad and his friend Buddy worked on the mower the week before they didn't properly screw up the side where the filter is because by the time I started on the front, the little door was basically hanging on for dear life. It's probably a good thing this happened though because honestly I didn't have a clue where the filter was even located and it needs to be replaced. So, I plan to do that before the next mowing, which will be here before you know it. 

After mowing the lawn, I spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and straightening. Please don't be jealous of how awesome an evening I had. Then I watched some TV, falling asleep before the stroke of 9:00. I live a thrilling life.

Saturday morning I was up before 6:00 a.m. and started on the weekly cleaning and even made myself some pancakes for breakfast. The church where my dad preaches had a community cookout on Saturday and so I went to that for a couple of hours. They had a really good turnout, or so it seemed, for which I was glad. They put a lot of effort and hard work into the event and hopefully they will soon see the fruits of their labor. 

After the cookout I went back home for a couple of hours of quiet time before Sydney came for the night. Brittany brought her over around 5:00 and I fixed her some dinner which she ate a little of and then declared she was hungry a few minutes later. I think I've mentioned this before, but that child is always hungry and it cracks me up. After her bath she wanted an apple and I think she also had a bowl of cereal at some point. We watched "Mary Poppins" (again) which she is now enjoying and has asked me if I will get it for her for her birthday. She played some games on the Kindle as well and I broke down and bought her a new game she asked for and since she liked it so well, I bought her a few others after she left that are similar to that one. They were just 99 cents so it's not like it broke the bank. I also painted her toenails and actually stayed in the lines as opposed to when I paint my own toenails

Sydney fell asleep shortly after 9:00 while watching the movie and I soon took her to bed. I went to bed myself and watched some of  "The Help" for what seems like the 400th time. About 2:00 a.m. I heard some little footsteps walking towards my room and sure enough here she came. She said it was just so dark in the other room (I leave the closet light on for her) and she wanted to sleep with me. So, I spent the rest of the night wedged between her and The Tide. It was not a relaxing experience. 

We went to church on Sunday morning and got some pizza for lunch and then Brittany came and picked her up. she wanted to know why she couldn't stay two nights, why only one? I told her that I had to go to work early on Monday mornings so I couldn't keep her on Sunday nights too. She is really enjoying church and has made some sweet little friends. It's really fun to watch her learn about the Lord. 

I spent Sunday afternoon and evening after church watching The Masters - what a finish! - and then watched my new favorite "Call the Midwife". I've given up on The Amazing Race; since so many Sundays have had sporting events which have caused The Amazing Race to have a late start, I've missed a lot of episodes. It's also not on On Demand and I don't feel like watching it online. So, I've just dropped it from my Sunday night line-up. "Call the Midwife" is much better anyway. So, that sums up the weekend - not very exciting, but still productive and entertaining, which is just how I like it. 


Melissa said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Your Saturday nights with Sydney sound pretty much like every night around our house hold. I feel like I'm a 24x7 waitress around here. As I type, Hunter is eating apple sauce, a pop tart, and mandarin oranges. Kids do eat all the time. I'm sure she was glad you painted her nails the 'normal' way instead of your very unique way :)

Barefoot Island said...

Since you mentioned in an earlier post about "Call the Midwife", I have watched every episode. The characters are very likable, but the boys in this house prefer that I watch it alone in my room.
Awesome that you are bringing Sydney to church!

Erika said...

Sounds like a good weekend to me.
I am so glad Sydney is having so much fun staying with you and is enjoying church. What a compliment to you that she wants to spend two nights at your house! Also glad to hear that the community cookout was a success.