Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My New Shed

You may recall that back on February 25 the storage shed that once occupied a small space in my backyard blew away and landed across the alley in the backyard of my neighbor P. All my belongings had to be moved to the workspace of my aunt's boyfriend who was gracious enough to let me keep my things there. Well, here we are two months later and I have been super blessed and now have a new shed and one that is far superior to the original one. 

My dad has a friend named Buddy who is an all around handyman and knows how to make or fix just about anything. In fact, Buddy and my dad are the ones who made my rolling table a couple of years ago. In January I had mentioned to Buddy that I would like for him to build me a bathroom cabinet and long story short, when he and my dad when to take some measurements in the bathroom, my dad asked Buddy about building a shed and lo, a plan was made and measurements were taken. 

Last Monday my dad and Buddy headed down to Lowe's (with my credit card in hand) and bought some material for the project. When my dad called he informed me they had decided to her Barnside to put on the outside of the shed which would give it the appearance of a barn. I said, that's fine, no problem. I honestly didn't care what they used. We had originally decided on some siding, but when the men saw the Barnside, the siding plan was thrown by the wayside. 

Tuesday they got to work on building the frame of the building and on Wednesday when I got home, the frame had been secured into the concrete pad out back. Yes, in case you are wondering, I feel confident this building is more securely in the concrete pad than the old building. I had no idea that they were even at my house on Wednesday so coming home to the frame was a big surprise indeed. 

Thursday the Barnside walls were put up and my dad drove out to Scottsboro to get some tin for the roof. My dad wanted red so it would look more like a barn, but Buddy told him to get the light gray, which happens to be the same color as the tin roof on my house and was the better choice. 
The roof was installed on Friday and the building is complete except for the door which Buddy is going to build himself and they will put that in some time this week (I think). 

The building looks great and is taller than the old building so I can stand up inside without worrying about bumping my head on something. I'm looking forward to getting the door on and putting all my "junk" back inside. I plan on cleaning out the "junk" before putting it back in the building and will probably part ways with some things I haven't used in many years. 

Buddy has some other projects he wants to do around my house. He said he could repair the fence where the building hit it and he also suggested putting in a gate which got me pretty excited. I've wanted a gate at the back for a long time. A gate would give me access to the back alley making it easier for mowing back there - meaning I won't have to walk around the block pushing a mower to mow the small stretch of grass along the fence line. He also knows of some paint that can be used to make the fence look like new. I also have a broken gate and some pickets missing out of my white picket fencing in the front of the house and he wants to repair that too, which is super exciting because that gate has been driving me bonkers for a while now, but I didn't know how to go about repairing it. 

So, a big thanks to my dad, Buddy, and Buddy's wife June who passed tools back and forth over the back fence! I'm super excited about the new shed and all the pending improvements at my house!


Erika said...

Your new shed looks great; I know you are glad to have it.
Love your new blog background, btw.

Anthony Caple @ Classic Buildings said...

The shed looks great! It's good that they decided to go with the light gray roof so it matches the house and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the yard. And it definitely looks sturdier than the old shed. Here's to hoping no stiff winds come any time soon to blow it away.

Kemberly Loyd said...

Having skilled carpenters to call every time you need a job done sure is handy, no? It's great to hear that Buddy and your dad did a great job with your shed, and had a great lineup of projects to accomplish more for you. Congratulations on your new shed, and I hope that it'll be with you for long. Cheers!
Kemberly @ Patriot Roofing

Pleasance Faast said...
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Pleasance Faast said...

You must’ve been very happy when it was finished. Your shed looks amazing! I'm sure you'll have a lot of space left for other things, even after moving all your stuff. Anyway, I hope to hear more about your home improvements. Keep us posted!

Pleasance Faast @ Shelton Roof