Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dave Matthews Band at Oak Mountain - Part Two

Yesterday I brought you part one of mine and Justin's Dave Matthews Band concert experience and today I bring you part two. Please try to contain your excitement. 

Before I get started on part two of this tale, I must backtrack for a moment and mention an observation from the parking lot before the show. I actually wrote this tidbit down to remember and share with you and then didn't pull out any notes when writing part one and therefore forgot to mention it. At any rate, there were three guys and a girl parked across the row from us and one of the guys had a koozeball. What is a koozeball you may ask, it is a koozie shaped like a football. I realize this is completely irrelevant to any part of this story, but Justin and I found the koozeball to be quite hilarious and before we left the parking lot, these lads were tossing the koozeball around like it was a real football. To us, it was quite entertaining and I wanted to remember it when I look back on this blog years from now. 

Now, to pick up where I left off yesterday... 

I went back to my seat and then Justin decided to make a pit stop and by the time he came back the doofus that had the seat next to mine had arrived. He had been drinking and was just generally obnoxious. He was with a married friend and to the right of them were two girls who drunkie and his friend started hitting on. Y'all, it never ceases to amaze me the ridiculous things guys will say to try and impress and girl. Seriously - so dumb. The guy was also broad, not fat just broad, and took up a lot of room. At one point he elbowed me in the face. I let it slide since I knew he was about two sheets to the wind (he hadn't quite reached three. Justin soon came back to the seat and not long after I reached down to take a sip of my $5.50 Diet Coke and it was gone, vanished, nowhere to be found and I was crushed. There was no way I was about to buy another one though so we just went through the remainder of the show without anything to quench our thirst. It was seriously a bewildering moment. That missing Diet Coke always remain one of life's greatest mysteries. 

The Dave Matthews Band came on stage about 8:30 and opened with Proudest Monkey, which was apparently my cousin Bennett's guess  on what he would open with. Bennett and his dad (also my cousin) Chris were there but Justin and I never saw them. It's a large venue. Most people immediately stood up when the show started, but Justin and I are old and the folks in front of us were still seated so we remained seated until they stood up and therefore forced us to stand up too. The guy beside me started dancing and I was generally afraid for any future blows from his elbow. The band played a lot of newer songs in the first set, but the second set had mostly older songs which made us 30 and 40-somethings happy. All the boozers on our row (and the rows below us for that matter) made multiple trips in and out of the seats for bathroom and beer runs and were sometimes gone for 20 minutes or more, which just baffles me. I mean, let's think about it for a minute, why pay $75 for a ticket to a concert and spend the majority of the show in the bathroom or at the beer cart line? It's a lot cheaper to just listen to music at home and drink beer on your front porch. I'm pretty sure these feelings of mine are a sure sign that maturity has set in and that kind of saddens me. 

There was a lot of pot smoking going on at the show and as Justin put it, you could tell who had the good stuff and who had the not so good stuff, and that's the truth, folks. Even the guy sitting directly in front of us brought a bowl and would look back behind his shoulder and take a hit and this gave Justin and I a large laugh on many occasions. The guy was obviously trying to not get caught but his mannerisms were those of complete paranoia and it was rather hilarious. 

The band played for almost three hours, with the show ending around 11:15 p.m. We maneuvered our way through the masses to the car (where Justin immediately tor into those Dunkin' Doughnuts) and then bobbed and weaved our way out of the parking lot, trying to avoid all manner of people and car. We finally made it to the interstate at midnight - yes, a five minute drive turned in to 45 minutes and that was the most frustrating part of the evening. Once we got on the interstate it was smooth sailing. I had been worried earlier in the day when, as we were driving south to Birmingham, we noticed a TON of people driving north on I-65. Seriously, the traffic going north on the interstate was basically bumper to bumper from Birmingham to Huntsville. I think a lot of people must have been making their way home from spring break beach trips. Thankfully all the vacation traffic had cleared out by midnight and there were no obstacles in getting home. We made a stop for a soda and a bathroom break on the north side of Birmingham and quickly returned to the road. Justin cranked up the volume on Blue's stereo and played DJ until he fell asleep leaving me listening to Green Day and volumes that were probably not safe for my ears. I, however, sung at the top of my lungs and felt quite wired, most likely a result of all the drugs I inhaled at the concert. We pulled in front of my house about 15 minutes until midnight at which point Justin decided to wake up. He made the trek over the mountain while I walked in, let The Tide out and then hit the bed. It was a fun evening and a great brother/sister outing. 

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Erika said...

Now I remember why I never go anywhere or do anything anymore...people - particularly drunk ppl - just get on my nerves :)
I cannot believe you didn't say something when you got elbowed in the face....I think I might have lost it.
Glad you and Justin had fun though!!