Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun, Food, and Friends

Ah… summer. Last night after the gym, I met Jackie and the kids and some other friends for dinner at Wing’s. Our friend Jay and a guy named Andy were playing guitar and singing out on the patio and we decided to go support them and have some dinner. Nothing like fried food after hitting the gym!

I recently read an article in Parade magazine written by Mitch Albom about our fascination with outdoor dining. It was a funny article and I kept thinking about it as we dined on the patio amongst the flies and the heat. Actually it wasn’t too hot out there, surprisingly. I tried to find that article so that I could link to it and you all could read it, but I have been unsuccessful in finding it.

I brought my camera along because is it really a fun time if there’s not proof? Enjoy the photos and I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Troy was drawing pictures of Harry Potter characters when I arrived

Ashlyn looking lovely with her strand of pearls

After our food arrived Troy found a very versatile french fry

It could be used as a smiley face

Or a booger (never thought I would write booger on my blog!)

Ashlyn found one of her own

Andy and Jay

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jackie said...

Those are really good I love your camera! Next time I need to get some shots of you!