Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Unsuccessful Venture

Afternoon Update: Kendra sent the photo above a little while ago. It was taken by a friend of hers. Apparently this is the car the MJ drives - love it!

As mentioned, there was an unsuccessful venture of sorts this past weekend. Back in March I wrote on this blog about a Michael Jackson impersonator that performs in and around Huntsville.

On Friday afternoon/early evening while I was cooking dinner, my friend Kendra sent a text saying that Huntsville’s very own MJ was at the corner of Whitesburg and Governor’s Drive. For months I have been on a search to see this guy and haven’t been lucky enough for a sighting. Robert, a friend from work, saw MJ at a wedding and was lucky enough to dance with him. Here’s the video. But as for me and Tony, we have not been lucky enough to see him.

So, after Kendra sent the text, I sent a text to Tony to let him know and about 10 minutes later we were in the car to see if we could finally see for ourselves the elusive MJ.

Here's Tony driving as quick as he can to see MJ

Unfortunately, by the time we got to Fuel City, MJ’s favorite spot at the corner of Governor’s Drive and Whitesburg, he was no longer there, which was a shame, really. I had my camera in hand ready to take a photo but we were unsuccessful in our venture to find MJ.

If you have a MJ sighting, tell us about it in the comments section. I want to know all the places where we can possibly see this guy!


Alison said...

Ha! I've seen him at that very corner. Resplendent in full MJ garb. :)

Candy said...

My sister Charity saw him on Friday too! I can't believe I have managed to miss him so many times! What a rip (using my Dale Peterson quote!). I hope we have better luck next time.