Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons

Well, folks, I’m sad to inform ya’ll that my and Jackie’s trip to Atlanta this week has been cancelled. It seems that it just wasn’t in the stars for us to go, or I guess it was all part of God’s plan, or something along these lines.

Yesterday, Jackie’s was informed by her ex that he wouldn’t be able to keep their kids because he was planting crops. We thought we may have to cancel; but thankfully, Jackie’s parents’ came through and agreed to keep the kiddos for her so she could enjoy a weekend away and so the trip was back on.

This morning, not long after I arrived at work, I got an email from my friend Virginia. Virginia and I were sorority sisters at Alabama and we were planning to stay at her house for the weekend. She and her husband and their kids were going to go to Six Flags with us and we were all going to have a large time. Virginia’s email informed me that Mike’s grandmother passed away last night and so they had to cancel on us.

So, apparently, as I said, it just wasn’t in the stars for us to head east and enjoy ourselves this weekend. I am very sad for Mike. Ya’ll please keep his family in your prayers. Apparently his grandmother had been sick for a while and at least she is now no longer suffering; but it is still very hard to loose a loved one.

Of course, selfishly, I’m also sad for Jackie and me because we were looking forward to having a weekend of no obligations and lots of roller coasters; but, we will reschedule and do it another weekend later this summer; so, we’ll be okay.

Funny, the first thing that crossed my mind when I got this news (after feeling sad for Mike, mind you) was, “what am I going to cook for dinner this weekend?” Does this consume the thoughts of anyone else or is it just me? I swear it seems as soon as I’m finished with one meal, I start thinking about the next, and I only have two mouths to feed – technically only one mouth since Tony and I are neither married nor live together. But, since he eats the majority of his dinners at my house, it’s two. I was really looking forward to not cooking for anyone this weekend and now it seems I need to intimately study the Publix weekly deals and plan some menus. Any suggestions?

So, now my weekend will be filled with yard work and cooking and cleaning and all the other fun things I do on the weekends. I hope to catch a small reprieve and possibly hit the pool with Jackie and the kiddos this weekend… that is if it doesn’t rain.

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