Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garden Update

The garden is growing like crazy! Tony’s garden is growing fast too, or so I hear. I haven’t seen it since the first of June and would like to go over and take a look for myself.

Juliet Hybrid

I’ve picked a few of the sweet 100 tomatoes, which are the really small ones – like cherry tomatoes; and I’ve also picked one of the Juliet hybrids, which are a little bigger. One of the large tomatoes was almost ready for picking when an animal started eating it. I think the problem is squirrels and I’ve got to get some netting to put around the plants. I had this problem last year too and thought it was a rabbit, but now I think it is squirrels.

Sweet 100s

Saturday when I looked out the door, I noticed what I thought was a green tomato laying beside the garden in the yard. Sure enough, when I walked out there, it was a green tomato with teeth marks in it. I guess a squirrel picked it off the vine and started to take it off, only to abandon it in the yard. I imagine it was a bit too big for the squirrel. Yesterday when I got home from work, I looked out and two tomatoes were lying by the fence. These squirrels are getting really brave, I’ll tell ya. So, one of the projects for this weekend is to buy some netting so that I may be able to enjoy at least one tomato before the season’s out.

Tomato - captured and attacked by a squirrel

I’ve also already picked a jalapeño and used it in some salsa I made this past weekend. There’s a bell pepper that will soon be ready and a couple of more jalapeños will soon be ready as well.

So, that’s the garden update for today and of course, here are a few more photos of The Tide, just for Candy.

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